September 11 – Ramblings

Thursday, 15 September 2011 12:04

               Whether or not, September 11 marked the live of everyone. Only those that living in the remote hinterlands, and have no contact with civilization, were not noticed about the terrorist act. After ten years was the bitter results that the attack caused.

               If the life before the September 11, 2001 was hard, after that, it became more complicated, because the United States are present in all parts of world, in economy, politics, sport, turism, and others. Coca-Cola, Microsoft, GE, Intel, Phillip Morris, General Motors, Ford, CitiBank, Hewllet-Packard, Kodak, Dell, Nike, Levi´s, Kellogg´s, Pepsi, Amazon, Esso, Texaco and McDonald´s and many other are in virtually all countries of the world, including Brazil.

               The creation of products and brands generates jobs and income and must be encouraged around the world. This creates competition that is the driving force of technological development. Not that we would still be pushing for ox-carts by the paths of the world. 

               The big problem is that the technological development is associated with the mentality of the rampant gain, at any cost and this generates a confusion that never ends. The modern man lives for power and monetary gain, no matter what they have to do to reach your goals.

               I would like to see the actual technology in the hands of people of good sense and spirituality like Socrates, Plato, The Apostles, Francis of Assisi, Antonio of Padua, Chico Xavier, Gandhi, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, just to name a few. They would do great things for the man and the world.

               But that is for a future still some way off, when the Earth will enter the period of Regeneration. Only good spirits will be in the planet, forming a population of embodied and disembodied, and this will corroborate with the words of Jesus that says: “The meek shall inherit the Earth”.

               The thoughts of the spirits of Lord go in this direction and the man’s thoughts go in the opposite direction. God is always pulling the ear of humanity to see if it behaves in a civilized manner. But the man is so involved in his own little world that does not see and hear what God asks.

               The law of the strongest always ruled the world, but God always countered this with the send of divine messengers to teach the path of the light. And the emissaries of God, in the most, were slaughtered by the crowd eager by blood.

               It happened with great masters that teaches us the divine truths. A lot of them, trough the reincarnation, returned to the world to teach the man and again they were rejected. Even Jesus, the Divine Governor of our galaxy was not understood and was crucified by the sick mob.

               The political intolerance, religious, sportive, commercial, technological, imposes to the weaker the rules of the strongest. The intolerance creates the tyrants, the despots, the cruel, the covetous and, on the other hand the vassals, poor, persecuted and condemned.

               In the case of September 11 we will find in the intolerance the roots of the evil that caused the fall of Twin Towers.

               We learned these in the old books of history when European, notably the English man, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish started the race to the discovering and colonization of new lands.

               Jesus allowed that new lands were discovered for the expansion of the progress and specially here in Brazil where that was transplanted the tree of His Gospel that was dried in Palestine.

               The Portuguese led the riches of Brazil, especially gold and the Brazil wood. When they noticed that there was nothing more to be extorted they allowed the independence of our homeland.

               The Spanish dominated the remainder of the South America and Central America destroying the indigenous people, notably the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans; in addition they led to their kingdom the gold and silver of dominated nations.

               The British dominated the North American lands, destroying the indigenous culture that had twelve thousand years been spreading in the prairies and mountains. The Manhattan of today was taken of the natural inhabitants of North America. But the men that were born in the United States gained the independence from the British, in 1776.

               The spiritual interest of congregate native people with the Europeans finished with the thirsty of gold, silver and power of man of the old continent. But the things were settling in the best possible way and there were some people who had good heart and expanded the Gospel of Jesus in the New World.

               The intolerance was one of the causes of the wars in all-time, especially in the World Wars I and II. The United States was strengthened after World War II and became masters in export their policy and economy for the rest of the world.

               The intent of dominate the world bumped in the countries with Muslim culture that have different behaviors and do not accept foreign interference. In this business of imposes their philosophy to the countries of world they went to war with activists who did not tolerate intromissions in their business and life.

               It started with Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda one set of conflicts where the weaker side chose terrorists attacks. With the upsurge of problems the attacks grew too in number and proportion reaching American targets around the world.

               Culminated, as we know, in the terrorist attack from September 11, 2001, when the two towers of World Trade Center were destroyed by commercial planes piloted by terrorists. The United States did not imagine that anyone could carry out attacks inside its territory. But the planning of terror was beyond expectations and carried out the attack in a synchronized and terrible form.

               There were no bombs or missiles, but rather commercial aircrafts loaded with fuel. Besides causing the deaths of nearly three thousand people did not spend millions of dollars needed to buy missiles, not to mention that they could not launch them from U.S. territory, because they would be arrested at the slightest hint that they were carrying powerful weapons.

               They spent money only with the learning to pilot large planes, the stay and buy of tickets in flights sentenced to death. They were modern kamikazes, imitating the Japanese pilots in World War II when they launched their planes into American ships. The planes that cost millions of dollars were owned by private companies.

               Much more than topple the Twin Towers, they planned the action in such a way that when the first tower was hit televisions worldwide were broadcasting live. When you least expected it, appears the second plane, bigger than the first, that simply disintegrates against the second tower, like butter when exposed to fire.

               The planes were with the tanks full of fuel because they had taken off minutes before from the Boston Airport. Are there best bombs than these? Besides being free was with the most power destructive available.

               And those who died in the tragedy? Those who were on the airplanes, adding that two more planes were hijacked, one crashed into the Pentagon and another crashed in Pennsylvania when passengers attacked the hijackers and those that were in the attacked buildings.

               The poor passengers of the planes all died. And those that died crushed in the landslide of Twin Towers? And in the Pentagon? Imagine the work that the spiritual mentors had to reintegrate the spirits of those who died.

               We know that the good man as soon as disincarnate receives help and become free of pain that motivates their disembodiment, but those who were bad, found many difficulties in the post-mortem and can taken years long to replenish their spirit. The return to reality occurs when the spirit is able. This can be fast or last for years long.

               September 11 triggered the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan by USA, and the spent of US$ 3,5 trillions of dollars in war against the terror. If this money were used in favor of those who suffer in world, much had been done and many people had been referred to the spiritual progress, closer to God.

               The Earth is turning into planet of regeneration and here may no longer embody the spirits warring, violent, bad, and therefore in the near future the intolerance will disappear and in its place will bloom a new order where the love will cover the Earth and your children can walk freely without worrying about robberies, violence or terrorist acts.

               Surely this will be our paradise world so dreamed by the great messengers of God who came to teach us the way of peace, tolerance, fraternity and unconditional love between the creatures.


Luiz Marini 09-09-11


Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero