The Schools of Can

Friday, 19 August 2011 18:14

               There are some news in July 2011 telling us, about hundreds of students that face the cold weather that reduced the temperature under 0°C, with blankets, blouses and heater brought by the teachers. These students study in classrooms in containers. They are students of public school and they are studying in these conditions, because the schools where they were studing were demolished in reason of the rotting of woods with one they were built.

               Without planning to reform or replace the buildings that were falling and with the need of change, they had to put the children in schools of can. The worst of it is that the actual government does not do anything and says that this is fault of the past governments. Put the guilty in the antecessors is a game that they do without think in how they can solve the problem.

               They say that the solution to the building of new classrooms is coming, but there are problems with documents, budgets, funds; and they do not stipulate a time limit for the buildings be ready.

               These same problems of schools of can, there were in Sao Paulo some years ago.

               The public teaching already faces all kind of problems, with buildings without conservation, improvised schools, many despondent teachers, students that do not want to learn. And besides that, there are classrooms in containers that in the summer can stay until 40°C and in the winter can stay easily in negatives temperatures. Are the students having any condition to learn something? For sure, the sons of the rulers are studying in private schools with high quality and price.

               With the adding of all this factors in the boiling cauldron of knowledge, we have students that are unprepared to face the college admissions, and another contests.

               Those ones that can pay private schools have the adequate preparation to future and they will be able to get into the best universities and companies.

               In the learning of life, we observe that the student unprepared is a synonymous of failure in the future.

               In Africa, in the periphery of the cities and villages, the government can not build schools, the children learn the letters under the shadow of a tree; they write with peaces of branches, in the sand. When the lesson is finished, they have to erase the letters with their feet for the next writing. How they can get a good job in dispute with those ones that learned in front of a computer?

               Meanwhile the Court of Audit shows uncountable absurd, with overpriced works of all kinds, and illicit procurements, with relatives or employees having participation in companies that compete in biddings. They follow, without scruples, the thought that says: “Who can more, cry less”.

               If they knew that what is earned illegally is also lost quickly and cruel; they would not take what is not theirs.

               We do not have forces to interfere in the thoughts of the other ones, especially in the highest echelons, but we can work to make the things that surround us better.

               How can we think in a better planet if the people that are living in it today are not worried with tomorrow?

               In the same minute that we are working to make the Earth a better place, we have to practice actions that make the people, which live in our orb, better.

               The changes to democratize the institutions, to regulate the governmental process will just happen with the change of human mentality. And to change the human thoughts is necessary replace the spirits that are focused on greed, corruption and wickedness for good spirits which will rebuild a new world.

               While it occurs, is essential ensure that those who are here change their attitudes and make their hearts get better for stay here. We can not wait for a new order of spirits that arrive here to change the conditions of our planet, is also important that we practice actions for help them in this work.

               I have many friends that are honest and have a good hearts. I have said that they will come back to the Earth in a hundred of years to occupy the positions how alderman, mayors, senators and presidents.

               When the good spirits occupied the public positions, the administration of companies, schools, temples, hospitals and other institutions that are necessary for the good way of life, we will have a planet with peace and progress to live.

               Their good actions will unleash thousands of correct actions and the men will be happily ever after, because the primary purpose of God, when He put the man on Earth, is to leverage his progress to infinity.


Luiz Marini 07-17-11


Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero