Consequences of “terror” of French Revolution in the destiny of a Spirit

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 Fall of Bastille at July 14, 1789

“What exists, had existed: what will exist, had existed too” (Ecl 3, 15).

“I was a young with good qualities and I had the luck of had a good soul, or better than this, being good, I came in a body without stain” (Sb 8, 19).

“Because we are from yesterday and nothing we know...” (Jo 8, 9).


Jesus instructs Nicodemos about the new birth

1. There was, between the Pharisees, a man called Nicodemos, a notable man between the Jews. 2. At night, he came to meet with Jesus and told him: “Rabi, we know that you came from a part of God how Master, because nobody can do the signs that you do, if God does not be with him.” 3. Jesus answered to him: “In the truth, I tell you: who do not birth again can not come to see the Kingdom of God”. 4. Nicodemo told him: “How can a man birth, being old? May he be able to enter a second time, inside your mother and born? 5. Jesus answered to him: “In the truth, I tell you: who did not be born from the water and from the spirit can not enter in the kingdom of God. 6. That one born of flesh is flesh, that one born of spirit is spirit. 7. Do not be surprised that I have told you: you must be born again. 8. The wind blows where it wants and you can hear its noise, but you do not know to where it goes or from where it comes. So it happens with everyone who was born from spirit”. 9. Nicodemo asked him: “How can it happen?” 10. Jesus answered him: “You are a master in Israel and ignore these things? 11. In the truth, I tell you: we talk about what we know and we witnessing to what we saw, but you did not accept our testimony. 12. If you do not believe when I talk about the things of the ground, how will you believe when I tell you about heavenly things? (John chapter 3, verses 1 to 12).


01 – Introduction

               We learn through writers that wrote important biographies of Chico Xavier; they show a lot of cases about reincarnation of spirits who committed crazy things and mistakes in past lives and are passing through painful bailouts today.

               The Spiritism is not the owner of the true (what is the true, if even Jesus, was silent when asked about it?), according with the teachings of higher spirits, that are the authors, together with the spirit of true, the work of codification, the God’s laws are in the nature of all things. And one of them says: “who hurts with iron, with iron will be hurt” and another one considers that: “it is necessary be born again to enter in the Kingdom of Heaven”. Thus, we observe only these two laws; we learn that all mistakes committed must be repaired for that the spirit does not stays with uncomfortable stains, which will prevent your progress.

               So, it is from Law that the spirit must fix your imbalances to evolve, being used all means necessary for this, many times, the return to the human body is necessary for the rehabilitation.

               That is why we see, so much inequality in wealth and poverty, opportunities that are created, doors that are opened and closed, perfect bodies and monstrous bodies, healthy people and sick people, people of good heart and people of evil heart.


02 – José Xavier and Geni Xavier

               “Above all, however, you must have immense love to each other, because the love covers crowd of sins” (1 Peter 4:8).

“The hate excite strife, but the love covers all the transgressions” (Proverbs 10:12).


               Chico Xavier had a brother called José Xavier, who was married with Geni Pena Xavier. He was saddler and the main helper of Chico Xavier in the Spiritist Center Luiz Gonzaga in the city of Pedro Leopoldo. He was speaker and counselor.

               Geni became ill and had to be hospitalized. The Center counted only with Chico Xavier and his brother José. At 1932, José needed a time off work of Center to attend during nighttime and between 1932 and 1934 Chico Xavier opened the Center and made the prayer of opening and talked only with the spirits that attended to the work. Who saw him from the street, would say that he is crazy, because he talked alone in the Spirit Center.

               At february 1939, José was affected by a brain problem. Chico asked for help to Doctor Bezerra de Menezes who told him that his brother might stay eleven years tied to a bed, paralyzed and insane, as a consequence of acts performed in a previous incarnation. However, by the intercession of mentors, and because of the work he did during eleven years in the Center, was granted the disembodiment to José, what happened in the same night.

               After the disembodiment of José, his widow Geni was affected by an obsessive and insidious process, what obligated the family to place her at the Raul Soares Institute at the city of Belo Horizonte. This fact told by Chico Xavier is interesting, because when his sister-in-law was hospitalized, he cried a lot, and was asked by Emmanuel, the reason for the crying, because he never seen Chico cry for the other two hundred sisters that were hospitalized in that house and that the Xavier’s pain was not higher than the Ferreira's pain, Santos's pain, Pereira's pain, etc. Emmanuel ordered that Chico came back to home to take care of his nephew Emmanuel Luiz.


03 – José Xavier in the Spirituality

               Some time after the disembodiment, José appears for Chico Xavier while he was lying, praying. His brother arrives and gives him a kiss in the face. Chico observes and sees that he was sad and depressed.

               Spent some time, Chico finds the brother José, which is restored. José told him what happened. After the disembodiment he felt severe dizziness, how a consequence of mistakes from past. In his last incarnation in the Earth he should stay eleven years paralyzed and insane. How he had worked eleven years uninterrupted in the Spirit Center with Chico, helping the needy, he obtained permission of have his future changed, what resulted in his disembodiment, as a way to reduce the proof that he was destined. And he walked disturbed in the spiritual world until that in a night a benefactor arrived and told him:

               - José, do you remember the name that should have been given to the Spirit Center at the city of Pedro Leopoldo? As a way to honor Luiz IX of France, that was the spiritual guide of Allan Kardec, you changed the name and was put Luiz Gonzaga, which was the patron of Italian youth.

               Today, June 21, we commemorate his Day and he will descend from the higher plans to the Earth. If you want to see him, you must approach of the wings where would form a passage, with the spirits who wait for he.

               And José was to stand with the people who were waiting the spirit. When Luiz Gonzaga arrived with an entourage of light’s spirits, José felt a generous hand that offered to him a luminous lily, whose fragrance cured him immediately. He saw that the people were touching, with the hands, the light from the spirit and put it over the diseases, feeling relieved.


04 – Emmanuel Luiz

               This is the principal character of our history to prove that God is magnanimous and benevolent with their sons to allow one who makes many mistakes in a life, can repair your mistakes through the suffering or labor in a new opportunity of incarnation. After the rescue, comes the stage of work, where the spirit develops activities for the acquisition of light in search of happiness.

               When the spirit leaves the body through the disembodiment, follows to spiritual regions that are similar to your heart, because there is where your treasure is. If in the Earth it was a good person, goes to spiritual regions of light; if it was a bad person, goes to regions of suffering.

               With the practice of insane and harmful acts with the others, will overloading your spirit with negative energy, leaving him dark and sick.

               In the lower spiritual world, in regions of lower vibrations, this spirit walks aimlessly, chased by enemies that it forged in the Earth. Many times it is battered, beaten, arrested, until it has permission to be removed of these regions and routed for a better place, where the mentors may promote its back to flesh to rescue its debits.

               As its spirit was deformed by your actions, this malformation will be transferred to its body during the gestation. When the disembodiment happens it would be locked in a cage shapeless and silent from where it can not hurt anyone else.

               In this history we going to know this boy that was born deformed, but fulfilled his destiny and accepted his rescue, coming from many years ago when he was a terrible accuser of the court of the French Revolution, especially during the “Terror”, his name was Antoine Quentin Fourquier Tinville.

               Son of José and Geni Xavier; He was Born Emmanuel Luiz at 1936, and He was a child all deformed, blind, deaf and dumb.

               José died at 1939. Geni, soon after, was admitted with psychological problems; then, the child with only three years old came to be cared by Chico Xavier until the date of his death at 1949.

               Chico was the father and the mother in his life of suffering and redemption of his mistakes from the past. In this time, the Spiritual Center worked in the same house where Chico lived with the child. Chico sought to keep the child away from the prying eyes and let him always covered with a veil to protect him of the insects. The communication between them was made through touches of Chico and groans that the child emitted, signaling that he was understand the signals. During ten years, Chico takes care of his nephew, giving to him all the affection as possible.

               In the moment of his disembodiment, with twelve years old, he opened his eyes and, in the middle of a compulsive crying, thanked, through signals, Chico for everything.

               When He died, the relatives stayed relieved, and said: “finally, he rested”, totally unrelated to the needs that the spirits have to fulfill schedules that were outlined before the incarnation.  Chico suffered a lot, because he had a special affection to him.

               Years later, the spirit of Emmanuel Luiz appeared to Chico like a handsome boy, looking about twenty and two years old. He told to Chico that he should stay in the spiritual world during fifty years and he had a rebirth program to the beginning of the third millennium.

               Let’s go know the history of French Revolution and of Fourquier to understand that God does not favor anyone else. The law of cause and effect extends its arms and reaches everyone in everywhere.


05 – French Revolution

               It took place between May 5, 1789 and November 9, 1799.

               France was about twenty-five million inhabitants.

               Six hundred thousand living in Paris, where more than two hundred thousand lived at the expense of labor and tax collection of the third state.

               Close to three hundred thousand people were arrested.

               About forty thousand people were executed.

               18th century France had three types of state:

               1 – First state. – clergy.

               2 – Second state. – aristocracy.

               3 – Third state. – people, bourgeois, peasants, artisans and apprentices.

               The first two states did not pay taxes and with the king that keeps an absolute government that ordered in all, they lived in the stewardship while the people suffered a lot.

               The causes of French Revolution were the participation of France in the American Independence War, where it spent a fortune for helping the Americans, the defeat in the Seven Years’ War, the crash of the government with the finances, because of high costs of monarchy, and because of thoughts by Voltaire, Montesquieu, Diderot and Kant.

               80% of French economy was agricultural. With the frost ad the drought, the starvation settled in the camp and the farmers went to the city, where they lived in huts without sanitation and ate black bread.

               The clergy and noble wanted to reduce the Power of the King Luis XVI, and the King wanted that they paid more taxes to finance the State and minimize the suffering of people. As the king could not amend the constitution to this, (he wanted that the first and the second states ceded in their wishes of live at the expense of people, and collected some taxes too, that they gave their rings before loose their fingers), the aristocracy demanded, and the King called the General States to the project of reforms.

               On May 05, 1789 began the meeting. The clergy and noble always had the major power of vote and everything went as they wished.

               As they did not get along, the King tried to close the meeting, but the members of clergy and noble installed the National Constituent Assembly.

               The King tried close the Assembly, but he was prevented for the people that took weapons and took the Bastille too, that had seven prisoners in that day.

               They developed the Constitution based in freedom, equality and fraternity; that was promulgated at September 1791. It abolished the feudalism, nationalized the ecclesiastical goods and recognized the civil and legal equality between the citizens. Appeared at that time the bourgeois and capitalist society.

               The king tried to run away and was arrested, but the Assembly acquitted him and keeps him in the charge but with limited powers.

               A coalition of countries against France (with Prussia at the head) invaded it and in the battle of Verdum, the last French stronghold, under the command of Danton, Robespierre and Marat that gave weapons to the people, the French defeat the invaders, at September 20, 1792, under the sound of Marseillaise. Then the French flag has three colors.

               The kings are arrested on charged of collaborating with the invaders.

               At January 21, 1793 the King Luis XVI is guillotined and at October 16, in the same year his wife Marie Antoinette is dead too in the Revolution Square.

               The Jacobins were in the government, creating the age of terror, where they did judgments and summary executions.

               The Jacobin government had: Committee of Public Safety responsible by the external security. Committee of Public Security responsible by the internal security and the Revolutionary Tribunal that judged and executed the enemies of regime.

               The terror started between may 31, 1793 (fall of Girondins) and July 27, 1794 (arrest of Robespierre), where million of people were publicly executed.

               They obtained permission of parliament to execute the suspects and the enemies of the Revolution in summary way, without right to defense for the accused.

               The government executed Georges Danton and Camille Desmoulins at april 05, 1794, because they wanted a less radical government. They were killing their greatest friends, those that fought together with them in the seizure of power.

               On July Marat was killed by the young Charlotte Corday that avenged her companions that were killed. Marat was the principal incentive of the murder of the great French chemist Lavoisier, the great mathematical Joseph-Luis Lagrange have said: “they did not need more than a moment to bring this head down and a hundred years will not be enough to reproduce another similar”.

               There were already signs of a counter-revolution.

               On July 27, 1794 the Convention overthrew Robespierre, Saint-Just, Couthon and their supporters that were summarily guillotined.

               The big bourgeoisie Gerondine returned to Power. The arbitrary arrests were extinct and the judgments were summary. The Jacobins began to be pursued.

               On 1795 they developed a new Constitution, began the Directory Republic. But the problems were increasing and they resolved that they needed a military dictatorship to keep the peace, the order, the power and the profits. Then Napoleon Bonaparte came to power at November 09, 1799.


Antoine Quentin Fourquier Tinville.

“Give me a phrase, from anyone, and I charge myself to guillotining him”.

Antoine Quentin Fourquier Tinville

(Accuser from Revolutionary Tribunal between 1793 and 1794)


               Antoine was born in Herovel, at 1746, a village at the district of Aisne, he studied law and originally he was prosecutor attached to the Châtelet in Paris. After breaking by bankruptcy, he sold his office and at 1783 became a clerk under the direction of the General of police.

               He seems have adopted revolutionary ideas, as soon as early, but little is know about his participation in the French Revolution.

               Supported by his friend Camille Desmoulins, he became the foreman of jury established to vote the verdicts of the crimes of royalty.

               He personified the cruelty in the kingdom of terror. Between his victims we can cite Marie Antoinette and Georges Danton.

               After the fall of Maximiano Robespierre, Tinville was judged and guillotined.


Public Prosecutor:

               When the revolutionary tribunal of Paris was created by the national convention at March 10, 1793, He was named public prosecutor and occupied this post until July 28, 1794.

               His activities during this time earned to him the reputation like one of the most sinister figure of revolution. His post like prosecutor reflected the need of presenting the apparent legality, during what was essentially a political leadership, more than the need of establish real guilty.

               Both Fouquier and Robespierre were known by their cruel radicalism, and he rarely failed in ensure a condemnation.

               He acted how accuser in the judgments of, between many others, Charlotte Corday, Marie Antoinette, Gironde, Antoine Barnave, Jacques Hebert and his subordinates and of Dantonists.



               His career finished with the fall of Robespierre in the beginning of reaction Thermidorian. Although, he has been maintained like accuser of the new government for a short period of time, helping in the arrest of Roberpierre, Luis Saint-Just and Georges Couthon, and been confirmed by Bertrand Barère of Vieuzac and the convention in July 28.

               He was arrested after being denounced by Luis Marie Stanislas Freron.

               He was arrested at August 01, and taken to the tribunal of convention. His defense was that he only obeyed orders of Committee of Public Salvation.


What he said:

               “I am not the person who must face the court, but the heads that ordered what I executed. I had only to act according with the laws made by the convention and all its powers. By the lack of members in court, I founded me in front of the conspiracy and I was never advised. Here I am facing this slander; the people are always anxious in found another responsible”.



               After his judgment of 41 days, he was doomed to the death and he was guillotined at May 07, 1795, with another fifteen of his companions.

               After 141 years of his disembodiment, the same spirit reincarnated at Brazilian lands, in 1936, to rescue his crimes.



               Narrating this history we conclude that the spirits have the opportunity of repair the mistakes of past and walk in the road of good.

               Fouquier made the worst evils, imbued he was to play with efficiency the post of accuser of “terror” during the French Revolution.

               He occupied the post where he had the special mission of send as many people as possible to the guillotine every day. He made part of a bloody group that did not know what to do to stay in their posts; such was the pressure was on them.

               They killed the enemies and perceived opponents to keep their heads in place. “The heads of opponents roll rather than ours”, they thought.

               Until the day that they lost the power and went guillotined too. With the death they begun to rescue the crimes committed against the life.

               Fouquier had to support the prison too; the judgment, humiliation and the fear of know that he could be condemned to death. When the verdict that he would be guillotined was confirmed, he felt in the skin what the million of enemies had felt before, when he doomed them.

               The poignant and painful waiting of know that each passing hour would be the time of his death. Each prisoner that was sought in the prison he felt the sensation of terror that could be he the next one to walk in the hall of death.

               Until that his day arrived. His shirt was cut in the collar and his hair was shaved above the neck. He had his hands tied under the back, and he was obligated to walk through the halls of prison to the courtyard where he ascended in a wagon pulled by oxen. Then he followed by the streets of Paris until the Square of Revolution, under the whoop of the populace who loved to watch the executions.

               Usually more than twenty thousand people gathered in the square, to see guillotine working.

               Fouquier had to down of the car under popular ovation and cries of revolt, and walk, tottering, until the ladder that conduces to the scaffold.

               The terror filled his soul and in this moment he understood that “we should not do to the others what we do not want for us”, according the teachings of Jesus Christ.

               After his violent death he bitter incredible nightmares in the regions of threshold, pursued by the enemies that he had ordered to kill.

               Some spirits that commanded the “Terror” in the French Revolution could reincarnate to spy the heinous crimes. Between these that reached this grace is the spirit which at the time was called Antoine Quentin Fouquier Tinville.

               By the spiritual meeting with Chico Xavier, we can see that the young man that appeared will have a profitable incarnation with highest spiritual quality, in the XXI century, no more to rescue debits but to play a high-level mission together with the messengers of Jesus.

               In short, we can say that the same spirit was:

               - Antoine Quentin Fourquier Tinville – France - (1746 - 1795).

               - Emmanuel Luiz – Brazil - (1936 - 1949).

               - New incarnation at XXI century.



               To complete we formulate some questions for reflection with friends:

               - Which is the spiritual connection between José and Geni Xavier with Fouquier? Are these the first two also lived in the time of French Revolution?

               - Which is the spiritual connection between Chico Xavier and Fouquier?

               - Chico Xavier lived in France in that time?

               - Chico Xavier, being na apostle of Christ, received that spirit of Fouquier only for charity?

               - Why a lot of French spirits reincarnate in Brazil to rescue their debits?

               - The spirit Fourquier Teville/Emmanuel Luiz has reincarnated in Brazil in this century? In which place and family will he born?

               - If he has the spiritual knowledge; if he reborn in a family set in the well, could he become a good man?

               - If he grows up without rules, he Will follow the road of tendencies of Fouquier or he will be good and he will fulfill the good mission according what Chico Xavier said?

               - After this history will we start to undertand and help the other one which born with physical defeats?

               - If we have some physical defeat, and if we can work for the good, it is not better rescue the past since earlier, building our future?


Luiz Marini April 24, 2009.


Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero