Conquerors of the world

Monday, 04 July 2011 11:59

               Watching a program about the World War II, I saw strong and striking images about the invasion of Russia by Germany in 1941. Hitler and his commanders understood that to conquer the world, they needed mineral riches and grains of the country to be conquered.

               Hitler has an obsession in this moment: Conquer the Russia and her riches. He sent thousands of soldiers to the front and surrounding cities like Leningrado and Moscou. While the Germans advanced, the Russian used the tactic of “scorched earth” where they took everything that they could and burned the ranches and barns of rural properties, don’t leaving anything that the German soldiers could enjoy.

               In one of the battles more than six hundred of Russian soldiers were prisoners and confined in enclosures where they were visited by German Generals. They were seen like subhuman beings and by direct order of German high dome, were condemned to die of hunger. The video showed too atrocities committed against Jews, that were to receive shovels and were required to dig in the middle of forest, their own graves. When the hole was ready, they were coldly killed. In other occasions the prisoners, men, women and children, taken away until huge ditches and got naked. They were photographed and after that conducted to the interior of the ditch were they were killed. How this kind of extermination started to affect mentally the soldiers, they invented the mass death in the gas chambers. The prisoners received a piece of soap and were conduced to the “collective bath”. Only Jews, they killed six millions.

               How many of these German soldiers were pacific and orderly people until receive the ultimatum to join to the army? After made the brainwashing, the man became a soldier ready to execute the orders more macabre as possible.

               In front, the winter of Russia arrived earlier than expected and the victory of Germany, which was right in the shortest period of time, became the martyr of the soldiers that were unprepared to face up a so rigorous winter. The vast distances made it difficult the food supply, parts for vehicles and weapons; the lack of roads to the traffic of motorized Army, the diseases and intense cold annihilated the Germany Army, that, in the spring of 1941 was forced to retreat, after surround Moscou.

               Hittler commited the same mistake of Napoleon, that was defeated by Russians for the same reason: the Russian intense winter and the high toughness of his people.

               If the Money that was used in the II War has been converted in goods for humanity, certainly this world would be a place more interesting to live. If instead of planes, tanks, missile, rifles, grenades and other war artifacts, if they had built schools, hospitals, universities, amusement parks, industries… the dark clouds that enclosing the planet would have been dispelled, the men would not be compelled to become savage capitalists, the children would have the education that would take them away of path of drugs and crime and the road to the regeneration of planet would shortened.

               Reliable sources confirm that the USA already spent $ 1.4 trillions in the war against the terror and that the total costs including the material damages with planes, buildings and others, are already more than $ 3.5 trillion. To have a parameter the foreign debit of Brazil sum $ 279 billion. Is money exchange comparing with what was spent in fifteen years of war against the terror.

               The men do everything to block the progress, but God imposes limits deadlines to the Earth becomes a planet of regeneration. And this limit is running out.

               If in the II War Nazis imposed the most barbaric crimes to humanity, I’m glad to see, by television, that a German, Michael Schumacher won seven world championships of Formula 1, and another one, Sebastian Vettel, is winning racings and becomes another grand champion.

               The same Germany that created, in a dark period of its history, the third Reich, now it is producing conquerors of world using cars of Formula 1. We are witnessing the changes of world where new times are approaching.

               The old conquerors of world came with weapons and soldiers, the new conquerors are coming with powerful cars and highly developed teams.

               Although all the problems that we faced, on account of bad men that still are in the world, we can affirm with all sure, the Earth is changing your course, and the good spirits are taking care of the planet, and, here, will be the paradise where the meek will live in peace.


Luiz Marini – 08-05-2011

Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero