Obama x Osama

Tuesday, 28 June 2011 19:46

               We understand the thoughts that the love unites the people and this is proved with millions of relationships that give fruits and last forever.

               As we know the spice that shakes the love affairs between people, we observe too the cases of hate that separate the individuals.

               The hate unites more than the love because the people who love each other, many times accept stay separated for some time, justly because, they know there are various purposes that love imposes. The are many people who are soul mates that are separated, one in the spiritual world and another in the material world by necessity of fulfilling missions in different places, seeking the faster evolution.

               The cases of hate between people causes on them a magnetism so strong, that one person can’t leave the other one. Many cases of Siamese twins are nothing more than enemy spirits that God put juxtaposed in a same body, to one learn to love the other.

               The spiritual history tells that, the antique Mesopotamia was designated, across bloody fights, by the Roman Empire, and became, over the centuries in the Iraq of today.

               The antique Roman Empire was transmuted in the United States of America,  using the same symbol of the lofty eagle.

               The EUA, under the pretext of remove the dictator Saddan Hussein, invaded the Iraq, with some allies countries and promoted the death of millions of enemy combatants and innocent people, spending billions of dollars on the contract.

               In this fighting against the terror already been spent more the US$ 3,5 trillions, money that could reform one big part of planet and make it a hospitable home.

               George W. Bush begun the trouble with Osama Bin Laden, long after he was friend of Americans and helped the afghan nation to drive the soviets of their lands when the invasion in 1979.

               The soviets supported the Marxist government of Afghanistan, against the rebels Mujahidin Afghans supported by the USA, that was sought to overthrow the communist regime on the country. This war lasted ten years until the soviets left the Afghanistan in peace. Osama Bin Laden in this time was friend of Americans.

               But times have changed and Osama changed of side, passing to fight against the Americans. Pursued, he found the ideal form of break the American proud: destroy, with planes, the Twin Towers of World Trade Center in September 11, 2001, which was shown live on the television for the whole world.

               The hate of americans against the mentor of attack, Osama Bin Laden, have increased in size and proportion, forcing the invasion of Iraq under the command of George W. Bush. The president who has authorized the invasion of Iraq left the post and your successor, Barack Obama, felt obligated to continue the fight against the terror.

               For tem long years the most wanted terrorist of world hid in caves and waste places until be found in the city of Abbotabad, in the outskirts of the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, where reportedly was killed by a U.S. command. Nobody saw the body, only the combatants and the top American government through satellite images.

               If the death of Osama is true, and, accord with your wife on a coldly way, because he was unarmed, imagine the hate that took count of this spirit.

               In the spiritual world he will found with your friends in terrorist fights and will inspire the friends that are still alive to expand the attacks against American targets.

               The hate that is nourishing this spirit against his enemies is mortal and he will do everything to prejudice those who persecuted him.

               A great medium told us that no matter how simple a spirit is; he always has more possibilities than us; because he is spirit and he is free to act where and how he want.

               Picture the spirit Osama Bin Laden free around the world, what will he be able to do. Thankfully we, Brazilians, we have nothing in common or against any person or country. We thought that everyone must be free to follow your way how they want, since it does not harm his neighbor.

               George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden have a long way to go. In the course of time they will have to readjust themselfs, to continue run towards God. Don’t ask me how many years or centuries will be needed to this, because I believe that no sane person will be able to respond.


Luiz Marini 25 de junho de 2011

Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero