Different people

Wednesday, 05 January 2011 19:10

I believe that everyone has noticed that there are people who are different from the others. The “others”, for us, are mysteries that walk over the world, foreign to us, to who we are, and that make feasible for us to not know who they are. For many times we don’t know them and we don’t have the interest of going further deep, even when we try to have friendship. In the work environment, talks may even happen, but are all more serious, and that keep those people away from us.

But, the people who are different from those, the ones who share a special shine, who get closer to us, they end up generating a kind of empathy. We can speak with these people, we help each other, we have patience and everything that is guarded in a friendship.

By the way, even amongst those people who shine, there are the ones who have something special, something that highlights them. And admitting or not, you have always noticed this from the beginning, since the first time you have seen the person, you have felt, thought, noticed that she had something different.

The funny part is you wonder why this could happen only when talking to them, with a single word pronounced you have a joke and both are laughing. And curiously she is also the person that, in less time, has opened herself more to you by the same way the others have also done it.

It is normal that both people involved in this get scared with such great unexpected happening and also unequaled before the laws of the stressful everyday life of the people of this world. And just like any repressed or scared animal, we try to defend ourselves, protect ourselves, because we feel like in a situation of threat. For our still savage defenses, we must see if this doesn’t threaten our life by any way.

This is why we raise barriers.

Barriers to keep what is precious for us safe from the threat. I’m not talking about barriers that come to close us off, but little obstacles that would otherwise break the legs of any beast encharged by malefic intentions.

But it’s no use.

Just by following with the cohabit, with just few words and many laughs, based off in the happiness which builds up the universal forces of creation, is that we ourselves are going to lower down this barrier, because we see that there’s no reason in it.

There’s nothing to be threatened, considering the limits and harness of the moment.

And then... The harness of the moment. People know just a little about it, because, they are either tense or afflicted during the same good moments that would serve as support, and even when those moments of tension pass, they get sad due to the fact of remembering the fact that the moment has passed, but they don’t remember the good feeling that was there by the moment.

The same goes for when those special people get away from us. Sometimes, by curiosity, if we get to remember it, the best persons we have met lasted a inversely proportional time in our lives. Why would this be? Maybe spirituality explains.

Just a few friends may notice, by the way, that there are good points in this brief company. We meet a person who marks our lives, makes our days happier and gives us reasons to live. And also, by parting, they leave good memories, seeing that the times that we have a bad atmosphere with those people are extremely rare, even null by my way of seeing.

They get away from us, but with everything clean, all the ways raised to a higher astral, and in a future encounter there wouldn’t be any problem to be solved.

While incarnated in this world we are more feasible to failures than in the spiritual world. Did you ever think that, when guided by an enemy, we could ruin the company of so wonderful people? Thank God we have our guides alongside us to protect us even at those moments.

And if we stop to notice, we have already lived with some special people, but they had something peculiar. Something between us doesn’t usually go right. I believe that everyone who is reading this have already passed through this.

What is spoken by one, the other tries to understand, to assimilate, but it just doesn’t fit in. And the same goes inversely. Maybe there still are moments when occurs a conflict of values, but those people feel the need of getting next. There is some kind of link that keeps them united, close, and they feel right when close, but they can’t communicate appropriately.

And I also believe that there is an explanation in spirituality about this.

I have also noticed that it is normal between the friendship circles, and in the own society to associate a state of sadness to the passion. Linking the dots, wouldn’t it be more logic for the person to feel happy when in love? Someone has been found, someone who is worth loving, enjoy different moments, having the day illuminated and a reason to live.

This is a scar of the pessimistic marks that we have in our way of thinking and acting, and that have been left through the years. We get sad, because we get into a state of affliction and stress for not sharing of such moments with the person. By the way, in the books the Spirits say that the sadness is poisonous, and the happiness and love are creative forces.

We have to raise our chins up and enjoy the happiness that can be provided in such moments, keep the good memories and always try to remember the great time that awaits for us in eternity, and that with calm it is possible to get around over any situation of attrition.

With happiness we are able to see some ways that before were blurred by the tears in our vision. 

Douglas Renosto Lins 23-11-10.

 If you could explain and contribute here Luiz, I would be grateful...

We will never comprehend what the spiritual world reserves to us towards the relation between other people. For many times people get on our lives for just some minutes or hours to remember us of something that we must do. Then they disappear from our sight and we never see them anymore.

We can’t observe our interpersonal relation just by the side of our present incarnation. We must habituate ourselves to consider the multiple faces of the diverse incarnations that we have had. This will lead us, positively, to know our own and the relations that we share with million of beings that may seem unbeknownst to us, but who are, in truth, beings who have already cohabited with us in other times.

Furthermore, God puts us in the place where we must be, with the friends and familiars that we must have, with the job that we need to develop, with the mission that we must comply, with the objectives that we must reach.

In the evolution of the Spirits towards God, everything fits in, everything completes itself.

What we must do is contemporize with those who can’t understand us, open our hearts with those who comprehend, but, above all things, we must love unconditionally everyone, because we are, in truth, Spirits that walk in the same road towards perfection.

(Luiz Marini). 25-11-10.

Translated by Douglas Renosto Lins