New Cycle

Tuesday, 04 January 2011 19:06

Talking to a friend, in the first workday of 2011, greeting and wishing a happy new year to him, I heard in exchange a speech more likely in these terms:

- What is the New Year for us? All the days are the same and are nothing more than the continuity of the others that have already passed. For me there’s nothing new in the New Year. Everything is continuation of the last year. What do you think? Am I wrong?


Truly, no one needs to make sure for me that the days passes continuously, may we be favor or against. In nature, nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed as it is confirmed above by the law of Antoine Lavoisier, a sage that, unfortunately was guillotined by the French Revolution. Life and the days that passes are also like this. Nothing gives trepidation or starts and everything fits in the universal concert.

This friend of mine doesn’t stand wrong when he says that there’s nothing new in the new year. But, if we look at the question by a little different way we may see that there is, truly, some difference between the old and new years. Let’s get by parts.

The scientists affirm that our old planet, tired of wars isn’t that old, because it is only 4.6 billion of years old, and by the Spirits, it has passed by the phase of primitivism and it is ending the stage of proofs and penances, getting on the cycle of regeneration, what will make it a much better world than the one that we have today.

If the planet lives diverse cycles of evolution, without trepidations, why is it that the days can’t pass in a continuous way, without greater surprises?

Unlike to the thought of the men that believe or not in God, in Jesus, in life after death, in reincarnation and evolution of the Spirits, in the unending search for perfection, in the evenness and smoothness of the sportive games, in the tricks of those who cheat results, in the political campaigns, in the promises of the governors, in the conservation of nature to guarantee future, between millions of others assertives, the Earth keeps spinning around the sun by the same harmony with other planets and our solar system keeps spinning around of others with the same constancy and harmony.

The first living beings in Earth watched the days and nights that passed without being marked in calendars. The first human beings lived only in groups in search for shelter, protection and food.

With the invention of the calendars, the man started to account hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries, and millennia.

The proper human life started to be observed through the years, counting childhood, youth, adulthood and third age.

Bezerra de Menezes tells us that the Spirits, when they incarnate, they get molded by the phases of life of the bodies in which they inhabit. So, by this way, at each seven ears a big transformation occurs with the human body, where all the cells are substituted, but the body keeps with the same features and characteristics, what proves that who rules the body is the incarnated Spirit.

Those distinct phases molds new cycles in the existence of the Spirit in the body, with new situations and new challenges. This way, until the seven years the Spirit is still molding itself to the new body, it is adapting itself to the new situation. From the seven to the fourteen years it develops the first projects of material and spiritual growth. From the fourteen to the twenty one years it reaffirms the projects and gets itself in the condition of reaching the proposed objectives. From the twenty one and so on, it becomes absolute lord of its destiny, already fully adapted to the material life.

This is nothing more than an accounting of time through days and years. In the accounting of our diverse lives, through reincarnations that we have had, we put ourselves by the accounting of time through history. One example: the Spirit John the Evangelist who lived as a disciple of Jesus, two thousand years ago, reincarnated in July 5th 1182, in Assisi, to develop a great role as missionary of Christ. And how would it be if we hadn’t the accounting of time? We would say that John incarnated as apostle of Jesus and after some unaccountable time he reincarnated in Assisi as Saint Francis.

The cycles are very important in our living. Let’s see the case of Saul of Tarsus, who pursued Ananias to the doors of Damascus. Jesus appeared by rough midday and asked: -“Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?”

Jesus interrupted the cycle of Saul as persecutor of the Christian to start a new era as the great preacher of Christianity, calling him then Paul of Tarsus. There was even a change of names, to show his new condition. The old man died in order to reborn a new man full of faith and hope.

In truth the Brazilian loves the end of the year because it ends an annual cycle and everybody is tired. And also because it is summer time and the companies gives shutdown for some R&R, it also has Christmas and the New Year when the familiars visit themselves, get some vacations together, fill the beaches, suffer with the lack of water, with the queues, with the expensive rents, but they feel free to fly through new air.

And everybody loves to say that in the new year they are going to take care of their health, do some exercises, eat, drink and smoke less and take care of the family a little more.

Everybody promises, swears under oath that they are going to be less crabby and more friendly, more ignorant and more studious, less stingy and more charitous…

Luiz Marini - January 3rd 2011
Translated by Douglas Renosto Lins