Barack Obama As A President: Is It Now The Time Of A Full Comeback?

Saturday, 24 January 2009 00:00

Many years ago, when the USA were in a good state and was ordering all the world around, his politicians made everything they could make them being known as a leader country in the worldwide scenery, based in the fact of the demonstration of democracy is the best remedy to cure the world’s bad.

In this chain of thinking, they did everything they could to have their example followed by the other countries and change their way of thinking when they felt inclined to follow the soviet model that was imposed by the left ones.

In this comparative state level hangs in the balance (the tendencies), some times hanging to the soviet model, in others hanging to the North American model.

After the cold war, with the defeat of the soviet way, the North American rolled up their sleeves and started to nudge their allies and non-allies to have their model recognized, so the president George W. Bush came, who had done and undone crappy things in the world for eight years, removing parts, inserting pieces, playing at being a God with other peoples. It looked like a spoiled kid who deployed all kind of toys and could do everything he wished. He put, removed, hanged, loosed, held, released, as he were the lord of the universe.

As he did much things like these around the world, that he received as present one September 11th that became unforgivable in the mind of those who watched the fall of the famous Twin Towers. It was a tenebrous and evil spectacle that has shown the small ones, when harmed, counter attack with their own stings and poisons, deeply injuring the dignity of the people that in most times has nothing to do with the problems created by their govern.

The North American dislikes voting and it is free. He doesn’t vote in the less worse and it ends up leaving free the way to the candidate that likes wars and for him to play freely of being a country destroyer.

Now it’s time for George W. Bush gets out and enters in Barack Obama. He’s the first black president of the USA.

It’s good to remember what I read many years ago, in a spiritualist magazine publicized nearly in the 70s. I don’t know the reason why I didn’t take photocopies of the news and nowadays I only keep in my memory the synthesis of what I read.

The report said that the North American Indians, decimated by the white man, who had a non-stopping greed of power over the land and over the things the land had. God had let the America to be discovered by the Europeans to be aggregated a different culture to the native American people, what would make possible for them to develop quickly their own potential.

The ideal would be that the miscegenation brang knowledge to the Indian people and lead them to a different knowledge state, that was very spiritualized, to be mixed with the European technological advance.

By the other side, the American Indian people contributed with their elevated condition of spiritualization, because they weren’t still infected by the greed of glory and power that fed the heart of the European. The Indians knew how to use what the land gave to them and put this directly in connection with their God. The lands, the rivers, the plains, the forests, the mountains, they weren’t owned by the Indians. They just used their potential; by their sight, that came from the gods.

The encounter between the two cultures would make both to get a lot in potential and development.

By the way, that didn’t occur. Instead, it was a tragedy for the native American people. The European stole their lands, their customs, their culture, their treasures, and to finally destroy their survival pretensions, committed the last act of logic: through wars and diseases practically decimated all American tribes.

But the vengeance of the gods didn’t wait. The spirits of the Indians started to reborn in the ebony skin of the American black people in great masses, that was what lead the dissemination of the ideas of this ethnicity. The black people started to fight for their own rights, in the start in the basis of talking and then by the violence, until they got the equality of their rights. The black people were the same reborn Indians.

Slowly, they started to reclaim their rights toward the lands and its riches, that had been stolen by the white man, the famous pale faces. This was the theory of the report that I read.

Nowadays we can see through the Internet that the American Indians, descendants of the old tribes are building up casinos and getting a lot of money with that. But the ones who are doing that aren’t all the Indians. Many are still in misery, in little pieces of stark lands, where they can produce nothing and they don’t have proper conditions to build up casinos.

But the ones who can enjoy the rights that the constitution lets are putting in order the techniques of the white men to gain money. The palefaces love to play with the coins of the casinos, and, without knowing, they are returning the money to the Indians, which they had spoiled centuries ago.

And with that, the Indians are buying the lands that one day were theirs, the same ones where they lived and freely walked in the past.

And now, here comes the question: maybe Barack Hussein Obama is descendant of these same Indians who populated the American lands since 12,000 years ago?

We aren’t foreseers, neither we have this pretension, we just analyze the fact under the spiritual optic.

I as this to my friends, asking permission to tell a story what years ago was narrated by the grand orator Raul Teixeira in the tenth Congresso Estadual do Paraná, in 09-03-08. Please pay attention in the unfold of the plot which happened in the South Africa.

Raul told me that in the day which Nelson Mandela was released, after passing 27 years jailed, he felt a so great emotion that made he cries, because he was an admirer of Mandela. His spiritual guide, Camilo, came and asked to Raul the reason of the cry, It was because Mandela was admired by the medium, and after a lot of suffering he was free. Camilo said that Mandela, when was jailed, was redeeming his misunderstandings of the past.

When England started the colonization 300 years ago in South Africa, Nelson Mandela was born as one of the main commanders of the ships. He jailed, spanked, and released the black people in that era. After his death he recognized his error and started the job of redeeming, reincarnating in African countries to learn to love the continent. Lastly, he had reborn as Nelson Mandela, and suffered the same humiliation that had inflicted on the blacks three centuries ago. By pressure of the world’s countries, he was released from jail and won the presidential elections in South Africa.

Barack Obama (Honolulu, August 4th 1961) was elected USA’s 44th president. He’s a senator by the state of Illinois. He was formed in Political Sciences (Columbia University) and Direct (Harvard University). He's Barack Obama ’s son, a Kenyan economist and also of Ann Dunham, anthropologue born in Wichita, in the state of Kansas, USA. He lived part of his childhood in Hawaii and in Indonesia.

He has everything to be someone who looks with good eyes the minority who live in this country and as well the ones who habit the world.

When I say minority, I’m referring myself to all the people of the countries who don’t belong to the group of G-8, because by one or another way they are always asking for alms, crawling towards the feet of the most strong.

What he has to do is re-establish his country and help the ones who need a real push to get out the bottom of the well, because in the other countries the people is in an even worse situation.

I think that it’s much easier to make good deeds for the world than bad deeds. Doing the good the person gets marked in history as a blissful one. Doing the bad, one is marked as a vermin that has passed by the world and everyone thanks his or her death.

The third millennia man’s ideology in the Planet Earth will be of regeneration.

The stronger will help the weaker to make it walk by himself and shape his own future.

If the men of this century are good intended, their actions will be of fraternity, the governs will be virtuosi and the happiness will be a constant among the men that could enter here.

Barack Obama as a President, is it now the time of a full comeback? I hope that in a few years from now we may say that it really was.

Luiz Marini, 12-11-08

Translation to english by Douglas R. Lins, 01-19-09