The Eternal Search

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Mary of Magdala is one of the major examples about the transformation of oneself. Before knowing Jesus of Nazareth, she lived in the middle of parties and some crazyness born from the promiscuity with the most powerful and rich men that stayed in her city. They were rich traders, generals, sultans, rich terrain owners which paid large quantities of money to take pleasure in moments of dreams, passion, fantasy and sensuality with the most beautiful woman the world ever knew (or one of it’s favorites).

Mary of Magdala lived in an abundance of wealthy, always wearing the most beautiful caparisons in the world. Tissues from the most remote places, the most delicious foods, a true mansion to shelter oneself in and the most different servitors that were always ready to please her wishes.

She had a queen’s life, surrounded by all possible pleasures. A young girl of the actual days certainly would ask what would be the pleasures of that era, there wasn't shopping center, motorway, deluxe and elegant cars, powerful motorbikes, airplanes, iPhone, internet, saunter and touring in the space and the moon, television, cinema, cellular phones, notebook, playstation and some other novelties from our time.

What was there so interesting in that era? Oh my. That’s hard to discover. But let’s go in parts: for a young and beautiful girl as Mary of Magdala, the most important was receive the men in her mansion, because it profited money and fame. After that, in the respite, she could take a ride by the sea of Tiberias in a boat, tan her skin in its burning sands, visit some monument raised to the honor of the roman people (the dominators), know some new places in off work trips, go shopping in the nearby towns, spend a little time to talk with her friends, drink a tea in the end of the afternoon, or even hear the gossips of the great Jerusalem. What would be better?

Magdala was a prospering city, but its location and settings weren’t the bests, because there were only simple towns with even simple dwellers in the region of the Genesareth's lake, that only were living and waiting the time pass, in the most possible comfort.

In Capernaum, a city seaside the Galilee Sea, is where Jesus decided to live, in the house of a fisherman called Simon Peter. A small place, with most of the population formed by farmers and fishermen, and that had a little highlight of welding and solder on the roman.

Peter’s house was by the lakeside and it was a graceful and amenable place. As it is, with the Divine Master living in there, all should be in the most possible perfect state, because He attracted non-stopping beauty. His presence modified the landscape and certainly a part of the heaven was formed there. Happy the ones who could feel His presence and live His teachings.

Mary of Magdala sometime heard Jesus speaking about the blissful ones from God’s kingdom. She was impressed with the teachings that heard from these sweet lips. She became so exalted that as some days passed, as just as the night came, she got in Peter’s house and asked to speak with Jesus. She was attended by the Master, who invited her to the job of the Good News. She felt that she had to reform and improve her way of thinking and acting. Mary transformed her heart, distributed what she had, and carrying just the essential, she started to follow Jesus.

Suddenly she became known for entering Simon’s house and pouring some high-valued ointment in Jesus’ feet and towel them with her own hair. She was always next to Jesus, in all moments, becoming herself one of the exponential figures of the Gospel.

The Agnus Dei first appeared to her after his resurrection and then went back to live with the apostles.

After that, she followed the apostles to Capernaum, where worked in the most various services to keep herself. When the last apostles went to Jerusalem, where they would start the work of spreading the Gospel of Jesus, Mary was discriminated by them and only could go to the saint city together with lepers. She stayed with them, in the lepers’ vale, teaching the Good News, until the leprosy started to overcome her body. She went to Ephesus, as there were John the Evangelist and Mary of Nazareth because she wanted to hug them before her death.

She died while she was being attended by the Christians of Ephesus, and, as a spirit, she reencountered Jesus in the side of the lake of Tiberias.

Mary of Magdala was the living example of who’s eternally searching for something more in oneself’s life. She had everything who anyone could wish in that era. She just didn't have the true love, the love that hurts and harms when there’s no consonance with it. It’s the love that comes from the highest planes of heaven and the only ones who understand it are the ones who work with this kind of feeling.

She reencountered the true meaning of life after she knew Jesus. She transformed her own heart and started to fight for this ideal. She gave her own life, her own body, and her own spirit, to make possible the dream of living the teachings of Jesus Christ. She immolated herself all life long until reach the spiritual redemption.

I see this in the Christian spiritualists mediums, the same feeling of hard work that Mary of Magdala had, because who is medium with the Christian character feels the same wish of following Jesus with the same audacity of Mary of Magdala.

Who truly follows Jesus’ steps doesn’t conforms oneself with the everyday routine. With the same teachings, the same phrases, the same knowledges. The Christian worker searches for something more, he’s always searching for new knowledges, new energies, new aptitudes, and new horizons.

The work for any person is his rest. He understands that is an acting part of an universe that marches towards the perfection and doesn’t content himself in waiting and seeing the time pass. He exults in happiness at each new knowledge that acquires, he fells very happy at each good and merit able deeds, in each job done, cheers for being an utile character in the world.

The eternal search muzzles and calms deep in the heart of who has already reached the parameters defined by Jesus’ Gospel. And these workers are the ones who God wants to walk by the world, because they make the difference when it’s time to talk and promote the actions from Christ’s teachings.

We can identify them by loving Jesus so much and by doing much for any person.

Christ’s major representants in the Earth are them, and certainly we will find them in the middle of the major storms, the greatest fights, the most terrible confronts, because in these conditions Jesus helps them and props up them.

Luiz Marini 11-13-08.

Translation to English by Douglas R. Lins, 01-19-09.