Wednesday, 01 April 2015 19:49

        Two thousand years ago, there was a different Easter in Israel. The pilgrims were in Jerusalem from all search tribes in the annual festival that marked the release of the Hebrew nation from captivity in Egypt under Moses' command.

Jesus came to Jerusalem for the feast, accompanied by the disciples and friends. When he entered the city was greeted with palm leaves and clothing so he could pass. Came riding on a donkey in the applause of friends and onlookers.

After the welcome, everything was transformed and the people which he was a friend, became a persecutor and changed the joy of arrival, the ordeal of the Master Jesus.

Today, twenty centuries later, Jesus is still acclaimed by the vast majority of the people but is vilified and crucified again by saying love Him without the truly follow.

The ancient Pharisees are still in the streets and alleys, squares and churches, selling their birds and objects for offerings to passersby. The moneychangers from the temple only changed places. Continue to sell his soul and all that can, vilifying the Father's House.

Jesus is still alive in the universe, teaching and helping with it before patience, humanity has not learned to break away from the materialism and hates his brother.

Jesus is the greatest teacher of our galaxy, the Spirit that God allowed incarnate on earth to teach us spiritual truths that govern the universe. He opened the door to our spiritual knowledge and calls us all the time for us to follow in His footsteps on the path of perfection.

There is still much to do on earth for His teaching fill human hearts. The crop is huge and few workers.

In this exacerbated materialism of time that makes men insensible to the spiritual reality of fratricidal wars consuming countries, terrorist organizations that kill innocent of drug trafficking decimating thousands of hopes with the gradual and silent death, the rampant corruption that culminates in death of millions who are left without care in their basic needs, the lack of transparency that teaches the lie and make fun of those who walk the path of goodness.

Jesus is more alive than ever and continues his work for the regeneration of the earth. Unfortunate are those who walk in the ways of darkness, sowing discord and death. For them the punishment will come in this life, for the law of action and reaction is not made to wait. She charges farthing by farthing debts of those who love to sow evil in all its shades.

Blessed are those who manage to overcome this time of difficulty, as they will be the meek that there will be inheriting the earth, according to the teachings of the Master who was crucified two thousand years ago and is still being pursued by all those who rejoice in harm's way.

There is no evil that lasts forever and the good of the mission is to continue sowing the word of Jesus that still more alive than ever.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Him. Let us continue therefore our fight for this truth we have known for two thousand years and our happiness will be complete here on earth and then the spirituality. 


Luiz Marini 30/03/2015


Translation by Luana Sachet