Until when

Saturday, 13 July 2013 12:09


               The wickedness of many humans is so much that is nauseating. Multiplied by Earth makes we return in time, like we are primitive tribes that walk around on Earth to devastate the good human beings. The legendary barbarian hosts knocked down flags and imprisoned the weak to turn them into slaves. It looks like the wild hosts still devastate the ground in which they walk in. The bandits still commit crimes, slay humans and kill animals.

               Today these men still continue to vandalize, pursue, hurt and kill their similar kind, like they still lived back in time of war. The crimes committed hits gigantic proportion and the authorities who should provide security for the people simply omit to the wave of violence that grows each day.

               For the bandits, corrupts, thieves, gangster of all sort, justice for all!!!

               The country shouldn’t be zero impunity like it is today but zero tolerance like it was applied in New York where the bandits simply disappear after the practice was applied by the authorities.

               Who legislate, who execute and who inspects should be honest and raise their flag up high so that everyone can see and comply with their citizen duties, because no one is here to waste time and to take advantage of scabrous situations to become rich therefore forgetting that exist the Law of Action and Reaction.

               If the bad man doesn’t respect a good man, it will never respect an animal. These people consider animals an object that they can use and misuse whenever they want. These pictures says everything: piled up dogs conducted by the Thailand to the Vietnam to serve as a meal for the indifferent citizens that has more important things to do like appreciate exotic delicacies. Bears claws are used in the fabrication of useless exotics and aphrodisiac things or simply to decorate the walls.

               After no one knows why they intoxicate and die of diseases or appear with psychotic effects that leads them to madness.God’s finger touches deep in the wound of the insensible with our younger brothers.

               I call animals younger brothers, because I’m referring of the knowledge that we have that animals are our brothers in inferior stages of the evolution and is our obligation to take care of them is the same proportion in which we take care of ourselves.

               For the cases of atrocities and violence against animals we should have zero intolerance: incarceration for the indigents. Only in this matter the oblivious people in their various stages will comprehend that God gave them life to take care of it and take care of others around them with infinite caress.

               Earth is in the stages of evolution and these criminals will feel in their skin the pain that they put upon others that are defenseless.

               That’s why preach to friends: Love life, love God, love the next, do to others what you would like others do to you. Contain you negativity so the virtues flourishes. Do what Jesus thought us two thousand years ago: Love God above others things and the next like yourself.


Luiz Marini 07-07-2013


Translation by Marina Dotti