The social upheavals

Monday, 24 June 2013 13:35
               In 1866 Allan Kardec received a message signed by two spirits on the regeneration of mankind. They emphasized that the Earth will be a planet Proving and Atonement to become a world Regeneration, which on the evolutionary scale it means that only good spirits live in it.
               Spirits said that the earth would not be destroyed by cataclysms, but suffer a transformation never before achieved with the incarnation of thousands of good spirits spiritual condition that was transformed into a planet of advanced level, leaving behind the world of feature evidence and atonement.
               As the people took to the streets on May 5th 1789 for the storming of the Bastille in Paris, leading to the French Revolution who wanted the fall of the monarchy and of the rulers who massacred the people also took to the streets in other opportunities proclaiming their rights against despots and corrupt rulers.
               In 2010, the Middle East and North Africa, the people felt attracted to squares for acts against governments and managed, after months, the seizure of power. Then began the Arab Spring which spread to many countries leading people to fight against corrupt governments and supporters of dictatorship.
               In Brazil, a country that has always had calm and passive people, surprises with protests caused by the increase in public transport tickets. The spark was lit and soon claimed the reason for the government to apply for funding of 29 billion dollars in the construction or renovation of stadiums for the 2013 Confederations Cup and the World Cup in 2014 at the expense of building hospitals.
               FIFA requires stadiums with very high standard of construction and government yields to its determinations while there are still schools cans, potholed roads, deteriorating health, chaotic transport, bid-rigging, bribery, lack of monthly allowance, issuance of billions of tax havens, etc. etc ... Only the law of karma to collect these abuses, because the law of men is still very failure. If the stadiums should follow FIFA’s standard, health, education, transportation, security and all that concerns governments should follow the same standard of quality.
               Following the path of the natural unfolding of events soon came to criticism of corruption, the mismanagement, employability, the acquittal of criminals who diverted public money, corrupted authorities and felt free to continue to practice their iniquities.
               The people got tired! ... Put a stop to all forms of inertia of the government calling the squares the right to have honest leaders and to think about people. The democratic government must be of the people, by the people and for the people. And so long not seen or practiced worldwide.
               Martin Luther King said: "What worries me is not the cry of the poor. It is the silence of the good. “The Brazilian people were used to live in penury as if it was karma, learned to get out of the silence and drop voice. It may not give at all these events, but can also be the beginning of a new era, especially in the political context, where men with good moral character and full offer their services to the people”.
               Spiritually we know that the new era of humanity is already approaching. Since 1866 the spirits have told us the Regeneration of humanity would happen, but that it would take many years of transition. Chico Xavier also told us that all spirits belonging to Earth would have one more opportunity to improve reincarnating on the planet.
               This occurred and saw the unbridled madness of people fighting for their rights, of all kinds and shapes, were recognized by society. Created the freedom of thought and use of all kinds of paraphernalia, licit and illicit thoughts, tastes, leading thousands to die in deep wells of bitterness, like ants drowning in honey.
               Actually to have developments to move the pillars of society, transforming it for the better, sometimes it needs the voice of the people in the streets, because only then the leaders will know that there are people under his command and they need housing, school, hospital, employment, security, roads, culture and other things that dignify their living.
               The people just want the money collected from tax returns in the form of improvements to its own people because the rulers already earn enough to live into a Pantagruel way.
               Spirituality tells us that Brazil is the country in the heart of the world and a gospel country. It is being built since a few decades ago and will happen.
               For now we are on the way, but it's not time to give up. Social movements help to reach that level, because even the most hardened leaders understand that it is time to fulfill their duties as citizens, democratically placed in their positions, and work definitely to the advancement of the nation and the happiness of his people. It's the least required from them.
Luiz Marini 21-06-2013