The tragedy at Santa Maria

Monday, 04 February 2013 16:20
                 The disaster would happen sooner or later, it all depends on who used its facilities and the attraction beyond music. Nowadays people are not just satisfied with the music. They want attractions that make them feel in another sphere, built on hype that happen on stage.
               A few years ago a musical ensemble had immense difficulties to get contracts and play on weekends.When you were thinking about giving up and change their lives someone advised him to put on stage scantily clad girls dancing wildly. Got it. Within months the schedule was packed and the audience enjoyed the performances.The music was the background and the most important was to please the view more than the ears.
               Don´t you all think that just the nightclub Kiss at Santa Maria presents several problems such as recessed stage with highly flammable foams, only one entrance and exit, stocking above the maximum capacity among other factors that cause disasters that can be avoided.
               In the world, in any side, there’s always a “way” to bypass the laws, some take full advantage of situations while thousands are harmed. But over time these things will be avoided and people will have more responsibility for compliance with the laws and especially about the safety of the public.
               When tragedies occur equal to that of Santa Maria, which killed more than 235 people, comes to mind the teachings of spirits about collective redemptions. Who committed atrocities in group, the same way will redeem the evil they did.
               When the fire occurred in the American Grand Circus, in Niterói, on December 17, 1961, three thousand people were in the audience.It was missing twenty minutes for the end of the show and the fire erupted on cover’s canvas made with cotton fabric coated with paraffin. In five minutes thecircusburnedcompletely.There were more than 500 deaths of which 70% were children. The fire was caused by a criminal worker who helped set up the circus and had been dismissed from service by the owner. Fired, vowed revenge and did it burning the circus.
               Chico Xavier the great apostle of Spiritualism, received message from Spirit Humberto de Campos where he elucidated why so many deaths in the circus. According to Humberto at year 177 of the Christian era, in Lyon, France, to celebrate the arrival of Lucio Gallo, famous tug of war of the emperor Marcus Aurelius, who would do something unusual in armed circus in town. Besides dancers, gladiators, jesters and athletes play was customary Christians to the lions, kill them with poisoned arrows, fire when strung on poles, among many tortures invented.
               As just killing Christians became common, someone proposed the idea of wetting the arena with resin and surround with wood splinters soaked in oil. Gathered thousand children, women and old Christians and put them in the arena the next day. Set fire to the resin and the barbs loose and old horses to trample Christians. Within minutes the Christians died burned or trampled by horses.
               Nearly 1.800 years later, the same Romans who gave Lyon the idea, arrested Christians in the homes, causing them to death, reincarnated and were watching the Gran Circus in Niterói, when discarnated the same way, under fire.
               It is the law of karma acting so it is no sin that is not punished. God approaches those who have to pay the debts and collectives in the appointed day meet in a certain place, or boat, or plane and die collectively.
               When the tragedy occurred in Santa Maria came to mind the atrocities committed during the wars. Firstly I remembered Contested War. The company that built the railroad that cut the state of Santa Catarina has won federal 15 km on each side of the railroad to explore the wood and then sell the land to colonize the region.
               The three hundred scouts hired by the company to evict the settlers who lived in the region, then burned their huts and killed them mercilessly.
               When federal troops entered Taquaruçu burned the flag of church with more than three hundred women, children and old inside.
               During the War of Tatters how many ranches were burned with people inside, by the enemy troops?
               A news says that combustion in nightclub Kiss released the same substance used by the Nazis to kill Jews and other prisoners in gas chambers during World War II. Cyanide - the active ingredient of the pesticide Zyklon B, used by the troops of Adolf Hitler - is one of the most lethal poisons that exist.
               The burning of soundproofing materials used at Kiss cyanide produced with soot and carbon monoxide. Has no odor or color and can kill within a period of four to five minutes. The gas is a byproduct of the combustion of materials such as polyurethane foam, used in coatings cheap acoustic purposes.
               The law of karma states that are necessary if tragic events in which hundreds mustdie together, common sense teaches that must be followed to the maximum security for the items that are within the standards because the public cannot, under any circumstances, pay with their lives for the negligence of those who like to "give the Brazilian way" when you need to make investments.
Luiz Marini – February 1st 2013.

Translated to English by Bruna Bringhentti Dalmagro