The Bethlehem of Jesus

Tuesday, 25 December 2012 00:00
               Beat the bells announcing Christmas! ...
          The bells chime commemorating the birth of the greatest Spirit who became incarnate on Earth. Jesus is coming to light in a cave of Bethlehem, in Judea.
               The regeneration of Earth's happening and the redemption of humanity spreads through the teachings of the Master Jesus. He was born to bring men the larger message of God to understand that it's time to act and to transform this world for the better.
               The bells are the heralds of God's goodness transmuting the ages of the Earth at the consecration of a child born in Bethlehem.
               Pastors approach to revere the Holy Light who was born to lighten the ways of mankind.
               Mary of Nazareth receives into your loving arms the Christ of God, who came to teach men to love, just love ...
               Even animals understand that the moment has special meaning: This was not just another ordinary child birth. It was the birth of the angel of light coming down from the highest heaven to fulfill a mission of love unforgettable.
               He came to expel the sins of the world and clarify man's ways so you can live in constant peace and happiness.
               Bethlehem lights spread throughout the world and crossed the time until our days, teaching us the truth of the Father, giving us the light that illuminates our path, comforting us in difficult trials, encouraging us to walk the path of good.
               The simple manger who sheltered the baby Jesus still remains in our hearts harboring that who came to teach us the Laws of Universe and from God.
               The same starry sky that filled the Christmas Eve in Bethlehem, today continues to brighten the night, with the blessings of the moon.
               That Bethlehem two thousand years ago still lives in us the simplicity of the fields that offered the cave to Mary of Nazareth gave birth to the Messiah.
               That gentle and bucolic Bethlehem, near Jerusalem that seethed with hatred and grudges, was the ideal place for the birth of the Christ of God.
               The Bethlehem of old still lives in our hearts, because we believe that Jesus planted the seed of love and giving that seed avenged seasoned fruits that many men learned to scoop and sip through time.
               The teachings of Jesus are not yet in all human hearts, but there is still time for man to learn, because regeneration is occurring on Earth and all will be called to integrate future humanity.
               The Bethlehem of old are in our thoughts and hearts of all who have really learned to love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself.
Luiz Marini – 12-22-12