Jesus is dead!...

Thursday, 05 April 2012 17:38

               - Jesus is dead!...

               The enemies of Messiah were happy with the end of the execution. Finally they had found what they were looking for: the death of Jesus, the first enemy of the Sanhedrists, lawyers and followers of evil.

               When the body fell defenseless in the cross the crowd boasted with what happened. They searched for a long time the crucifixion the man who performed miracles and preached a new direction of life to humanity.

               It sounds like a great sacrilege to the followers of the Law of Moses and they did not rest until they did not see the propagator of Good News dead in the cross.

               - The rebellious is dead!...

               That one who preached the love between the people, the pray for enemies, the unconditional forgiveness to the enemies, the love to God and the consciousness of fight for the goodness and charity, is dead.

               - The Messiah is dead!...

               Roared the mob scattered by the Banks of the Hill of the skull, where the convicted defendants were executed. The happiness was in their faces, because the Messiah did not exist anymore.

               - Let’s go away because the Messiah is dead!...

               This was the acclamation of the people that were present in the act of execution, when they were certain that Jesus would never walk in the world again, preaching the gospel of the human redemption. It was important find that Jesus was dead, with the body on the cross. Now they could return to their homes, because what they wanted in a long time was fulfilled.

               Mary of Nazareth, Mary of Magdala, Joan of Cusa, the apostle John and other followers of the Master were under the cross and received the lifeless body to provide the burial. The evil men had caused his death, but his followers were hopeful that His words would fulfilled. He would return through the resurrection to stay with them for forty days.

               Jesus was buried in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. People returned to their homes remembering the agony of the one who called himself “Son of Man”. If Jesus were the son of God why did he not got out of cross and proved to the people that he was really who claimed to be? This question was answered to the people: Jesus can not prove that he was the Messiah, because if he was it, he would call his hosts of angels from the heaven, and he had down from the cross.

               On the third day Marie of Magdala goes to the tomb lead the essences to the dead how was the custom in Israel. She was stunned to see that the stone that was covering the tomb was out of place and the body has disappeared. She came back to the garden and found someone who she thought was the gardener and asked to him why hide the body. The man shown himself resplendent in light and Marie was delighted to recognize him as the loved Master.

               She tried to touch him, but he did not allow, because he had not yet ascended to the Father. He tells her to come back to the Apostles and talk about what she saw.

               From that moment the Apostles understood that Jesus had accomplished what he promised: the resurrection on the third day. It was proved that the death does not exist and the life continues to the spirit. Jesus had killed the death and this was something that nobody had ever managed to prove with finality.

               The men of the people knew what happened in the third day and many of them got mad because they were the main leaders of the movement to kill Jesus. They would suffer for many years and when they could understand the mistake that they committed they would enter in the ranks of the followers of Jesus.

               They would suffer in the hands of oldest friends the cruel persecutions to repair the mistake of pursuing the Divine Master. They drowned in pain, because of the joy felt when they told at the cross:

               - Jesus is dead!...


Luiz Marini 04/04/12


Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero