100.000 Access...

Friday, 28 October 2011 18:22

                Our website achieves in two and half years the incredible score of 100.000 access. This is amazing! 

                Because it is a site dedicated to spirituality, is a victory reach this number in so short time.

               This proves that even the materialism dominates human thoughts; there are people with goodwill that believe in a future of light to the humanity and in the regeneration of Earth.

               We thank to everybody that honor us with their attention.

               We thank to friends that collaborates with their work to keep an actualized website.

               We thank to spiritual mentors that inspire us to continue the sowing.

               We thank to Blessed Mother, to Jesus and to Heavenly Father that allow us work in this harvest of light.

               We will continue working to insert one more zero in this 100.000 and to arrive to 1.000.000.

Thanks everybody!...

Pato Branco, 28 October 2011.