October 12th

Friday, 21 October 2011 17:54

               Today, we remember the Saint Mother, most loving, that takes care of all us. In all Brazilian corners she is revered in the image of Our Lady of the Apparition. All our Ladies are the same luminary spirit, but they are known by different names because she expressed herself to a number of people in many parts of the world. All these representations are from the same spirit Mary of Nazareth, the mother of Jesus.

               We, that born in a lost corner of our Brazil, in a piece of wilderness forgot by the authorities and by the men, we had inside our hearts the image of “Our Lady” seen through an icon inside a little church where we learned to love her in a loving and simple way.

               We believe in our simplicity that we should love the Mother of God as we must love all who are holy spirits, that are wonderfully goods, that fight for the well, that help all children that get lost in this huge world.

               We learned since we were child to love that Mother full of love, that for us represent the genitor of Jesus Christ, and we carried this always in our hearts.

               When awoke in us the mediumism, when we started to see spirits, talk with them and we had to face the war that came to disturb our hearts, we never forgot the Loving Mother that took care of us in the battles and skirmishes that we had against the men of federal government.

               After the disembodiment, we learned that the Holy Mother takes care of millions of institutions beautifully decorated in the spiritual world where she attends all the children that were lost in the world, which committed injustices and evil against your neighbor.

               These spirits committed crimes, deaths, suicides; they despised, hated, and when they disincarnated they went to abysmal places where they suffered a lot to rescue the evil that they committed.

               Our Mother allows us to leave the cities of light and travel to the dark places, horrendous, and from there remove the spirits that suffered and ask for mercy.

               When we came back from our tours through the valleys of suffering, we carry these sufferer’s brothers to the hospitals where they will be care by spirits that are minded for that job with Our Lady.

               In these hospitals, we see in the look of these brothers that the light returns to blaze, because in this place they start to learn, see and feel that they are protected by an angelic being, because our Holy Mother is present in these places, helping, in her way, everyone that need.

               In this Day we celebrate the visit of Our Holy Mother to our Brazil as an image of a black Saint that had been found in a river to show that neither status, nor religion, nor taste, nor color of skin, or ideology, nor wisdom, nothing influences in decision of Our Mother to assist their children.

               She, in her higher wisdom, knows that we are sons of same Father and that we are in Earth in the place that we must be; where we deserve to be.

               Marie of Nazareth, with her lovely heart, is always present to make appear inside us the immortal love to God, and we, as brothers that we are in humanity, in spirit, we must always hold hands, work, do the well, practice the charity, love, to one day be under the cloak of this Mother that we call simply of Our Lady.

               Jesus blesses and illuminates us always. That these rose’s petals from the heavenly garden, with their intoxicating essence, fills the hearts of each one so we can walk through the path of well and that the Blessed Mother helps us forever.

               From your sister Maria Rosa.


Maria Rosa/Luiz Marini 10/12/11.


Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero.