Divine Spark

Tuesday, 11 October 2011 16:42

               God has created us simple and ignorant people and we are part of his divine spark. He established our home on Earth for we can grows and come back to his kingdom of happiness again, to enjoy the goodness that love gives to us.

               And we, as divine spark, wander by the world to develop our spiritual possibilities.

               God, in his infinite mercy, gave us the reason for distinguish the essence of good and evil, gave us intelligence for we discern the right and wrong things, gave us the light to know our intimate and the divine work to understand that we are sons of these heavenly Father.

               He gave us love, to see and hold in heart all the beauties that radiates from Him to everywhere.

               God gave us millions of possibilities to we develop our capacity of serve to the growth of our spirit.

               But, as we are fallible beings, we made mistakes a hundred of times during our incarnations and in the stay that we had in error.

               The hatred, wickedness, envy, jealousy, between others ills came from our neglect and inability of understand God and his infinite love for the creatures. If our heart distills gall is because inside it there is the dark water of ignorance and wickedness.

               But the divine essence tells us that we have conditions to learn, to grow, to evolutes and this is perfectly possible when we want it.

               Every spirit that God allow to come back to Earth, through incarnation, for evolve, rescues debits contracted in past, receives power to win the challenge contemplating the possibility of growth.

               To evidence the greatness of life, God gave us the possibility of know the Gospel of Jesus and practice it constantly, aggrandizing our heart, freeing our spirit.

               God gave us a north to follow, and this north is called Jesus. The big problem is that in our insignificance we did not learn to understand and love him yet.

               In the day that we do it we must enter in the kingdom of God because we will learn to love our next, to practice the charity, to do the good without look to whom we do it.

               The words of Jesus will sing hymns in our souls and we will find happiness that is the final objective of our search.


André Luiz/Luiz Marini 07/20/11.


Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero