Where is our heart

Friday, 02 September 2011 16:29

                 Always when we have difficulties in life, Jesus comes to our heart asking faith and hope for us, because the good always will overcome the evil.

               The divine’s forces are spread around the world and they are the strong staff that supports our body, our spirit and gives to us sustainability and experience to going well in this world. 

                The man of today, with the imperatives of modernity, prefers forgot God and Jesus to live their day-to-day fully, with their problems and their business, in the eternal win, win and win, they never think in their spirit and in evolution toward God. 

               Only when old age arrives, when the diseases appear, when they suffer accidents, when they are in a bed, hospital or an asylum, is that people will understand that the world does not exist for take advantage of it. The world remains like a school that God has placed in our lives so we can evolve and attain perfection.

                 All we should have the spiritual condition to reach the major happiness with God, and it just depends on ourselves, since the moment that we work in our day-to-day, and fight to our well and happiness of others that surrounds us.

                 The charity is the greatest gift God has given us so we can achieve happiness here on Earth and in the Spiritual world. But, how many of us practice the charity? How many of us do the well to others? How many of us are not only thinking on ourselves and no of the others?

                Jesus expects of each one a minimal effort so we can achieve something good in the spiritual future. We have to understand that after death of the body, the spirit keep alive, working, doing, evolving, growing, and we can not let to when the death is knocking on our doors to start to think in God, to start to think to do the well to the other.

                Jesus told us, of what the heart is full the mouth speaks; from this come our works, what we do; what we interpret every day and practice in our life.

               So we should do a contrition act, a positive and firm thought, to verify if in our life our actions were good or bad. If our actions were bad we should change our behavior to the good, if they were good we should continues it and do each day we practice more good actions in our life.

                That our conditions are of goodwill so we can practice the well everyday, because the death call us when we less expect. We often see people who are in good health, in full living and when we hear about them, they disembodiment by a very simple reason, even banal. The spirit is arrested to the body by tenuous lines that can be break when least expected.

                And the question that stays when somebody leaves to the spirituality is: the person utilized well the gift that God gave to him to practice the well  and the charity, the person was good to the others, with yourself and the other, with your relatives and friends?

                 This is that we should ask to our hearts in this moment. It would be great if our hearts were filled with love and peace. We should understand that the heart of each one must be full of good things, because is of that the mouth will speak.

               God bless us and help us to have the increasingly high heart and pure so we can walk always with this blessed light that is Jesus.


Luiz Marini/Jorge Luiz – 06/22/11.


Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero