In a road, on India

Friday, 02 September 2011 14:42

               Dear brothers in the peace of Jesus!

               Today Grandmother Marie told me:

             - I wish you go to the Spirit Center and tell to our friends a history that you know about an old man and a child.

             And I said: Ok, I will go tell them. With the permission of our guides and the comprehension of our friends:

             Said in India, where there are thousands of people that are so poor that there was a child with six years old, orphan, that lived with the things that the people gave to him for eat, he slept beside extremely poor huts, he drunk water from streams and he did walk through the world adrift, without a destiny, a place to stay.

             He had a thousand of dreams inside his heart, he kept the hope of reach the happiness, but he did not have sustenance to do this.

               Some day, when he was walking through a road, he found an old man, because in India the poor people, with fifty years old, many times are old person, not in age, but in the carcass that they carry and keeps alive as a body. This old man has around 50 years old. And while they were walking through the road they noticed that they were following by the same way and when they noticed they were talking to each other. So the men told him:

              - I have jealousy of you, but it is a good jealousy (if the jealousy can be good), it is not that jealousy that destroy, that dry the plants and kill them, but a good feeling of want to have your age.

               I would like so much if I could come back to be a child, because the child have a million of good thoughts, a million of dreams to reach, and these things make his heart bigger.

               The heart of a child is pure, does not keeps the wickedness. He just thinks in grows, in become a young, an adult, and in have means of be happy. I would like of come back to your age and be just like you are.

               The child told him:

          - I wish I could be you, because my dream is grow up and have stability, a house, a family, and can command my steps, have someone on my side, help the other people, and set my steps in my way.

               And while they were talking they understood that God had placed them on the same road, in the same time, because then they can exchange ideas and been understand between each other.

              The man had good financial conditions, he worked, he had a farm, a good house to live, but he did not have dreams, and this made him a sad and taciturn man.

               The man saw that the child did not have homestead or material condition, he did not have anything to eat, but he had in his heart a million of dreams.

              If God had placed them on the same road, in the same time, walking in the same direction is because there was something that they had to do to each other.

               The man did not have much time to think. He left their heart open and then said to the boy:

               - You come with me. You did not have anybody to help you. You goes hungry and cold, you have a destiny in front of you and can not let fade the dreams that fill your mind. Come with me to be the breadwinner of my dreams. I will help you to grow, become stronger, and learn to be someone in life. You will achieve your dreams through my help.

               The child said to him:

               - I will go with you. I will be your hope, the person that will grow up and that will perform what you would like to be.

               And they got together and got well.

               The boy grew up, became a good man because he had someone that gave him prop, a house, food, clothes, school and affection as a father. Then the man felt very happy. Why?

               Because he found in the child the same dreams that he had, the dreams that he would like to have and had never was able to accomplish.

               This history from India comes from against our histories.

               The life is like this for everybody.

             In the spiritual city where we live there is a school that Grandmother Marie directs. In this school, we shelter hundreds of children. Spirits that left their bodies while they were little and that keep in the spirituality, the same age that they had on Earth.

               For us it is a joy that we are able to help them create dreams in their hearts.

          These spirits will be men full of gentleness that will possess the Earth in the future. Because today, in the spiritual world, in our city, they are learning the wonders that Jesus taught. When they have the gospel fully fixed in their hearts they will be ready to rebirth.

               They may change in the physical life the story of the man and the child in India, becoming the breadwinner of the sufferers who walk aimlessly.

               I say that because a lot of times we saw people that have a good heart, but that do not have chance to help the others, and the help of those which have good possibilities, arrives just in time.

               Marie's grandmother always says in her characteristic way, of loving mother, that we are the future of world. Everyone that has love in their hearts can give something to the new age that is installing in the Earth. Whether it little or much, the important is put love in everything that you do.

             I feel in my heart that everyone that is trying to learn with Jesus, no matter the age that they have, we have the obligation to help the progress of humanity and become useful in the harvest of Lord.

               The age does not matter, because we observe that many spirits that arrives like a child in the spiritual are ancient spirits that have a great wisdom, that prefer to present themselves as children.

               We learn with the spiritual mentors that only up to us transform the Earth into a planet of light and love in the future.

               You can be sure that those who today are in the flesh and in the spiritual world working for the good, charity, the next one, doing what Christ and God taught, there will be in 50, 100, 200 years, the administrators of the renewed world.

           The good spirits will be the councilors, mayors, congressmen, governors, senators, presidents, and then everything will be good, because the good trees will give good fruits.

            The same happiness that we see in our spiritual city, where the spirit of goodness reigns, we want to see in the Earth.

               Then, we should start the transformation inside our houses, with our brothers, our parents, our friends; so that, we can be the spirits that God wants for populate the Earth in the future.

               Thank you. That Jesus blesses us.


Luisinho/Luiz Marini 08/10/11.

(Message received in public session at the Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes Spiritual Center in Pato Branco – PR).


Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero