In the mornings of light

Monday, 20 June 2011 20:42

               In the name of Master Jesus who brought the savior gospel wich showed for the spirit, the undying light of God that teaches us to walk in the path of the well and the progress. We are again in contact with the friends to disseminate the seed of well and of love that must always unite us.

               Jesus allowed us to know a part of what God has reserved to us with regard to happiness and to eternity that wait for us.                When we walk through the cities of spiritual world, we observe the organization that reflects on them as devices used by the spirituality for the welfare of Spirits.

               When we walk through the fields with the children e young people, we follow the roads that cross valleys and plains and we feel the sun warming our bodies and that shines the horizon. We observe the vast fields and the huge plantations tinting the skyline with a variety of colors. We feel the dew kissing mature grains and we keep walking, incessantly, pointing to the abundant harvest.

               The grains are to satisfy the hunger of the people and increase in hearts the simplicity of love that must unite us.

               We observe the birds that fly rapid across the sky and the men that travel through the roads in the midst of these plantations, following their destinations.

               We see that the eyes of our friends are filled with light when they observe the huge plantations and then, we explained that the Brazil is the heart of the World and the home of the Gospel.

               When the harvest will be huge and the plantations will be infinites, it will be confirmed that all the men have the right to bread on the table, to the healthy eating and nutritious, to drinking water, to dressing and refuge. And with this, everybody has the right to know the God’s plans through the Jesus's immortal light. 

               We are all brothers of the same ideal which is God. We are all partners of a same work and we are all walkers of one same road. We have the right of know God and recognize Jesus as the Lord of Spirits.

               We have the right of share the mature fruits of the divine sowing and achieve the happiness. And our prosperity will be complete only if we do the happiness of our close.

               In these journeys in the spring’s mornings we go imbuing in the hearts of children and the young people of spiritual world, the sure that they are part of a new project to the world, a project where Jesus wants that the God's spirit walks through the Earth, in every corners, leading the thought that everyone should work to the spiritual improvement of our orb, and that everyone should strive to do the bread come to the table of all men.

               We are impregnating in the hearts of these spirits the genuinely Christian idea of true love to the close. When they are prepared to rebirth; that they can return to Earth, and begin, since early, take lessons of charity, solidarity and love to each other.

               We are impregnating in their hearts the lessons of Jesus, they will develop your qualities and become, in the future, young people and adults with the heart opened, good persons; because the meek shall they inhabit the Earth.

               When in the mornings they will come out through the world, showing to the others, the things that form this planet of God, we can show that we have conditions to get the happiness. Only depends of us want this and reach our paradise.

               I would like to invite the friends to also walk in the morning, observing the valleys covert of plantations, the lonely roads that are lost in the skyline and to contribute with your work to make the world a place free of evil and man the purest, most beautiful and fair. That Jesus can guide the steps of humanity to our planet finally reach a stage of happiness for your sons.


Humberto/Luiz Marini 25/05/11.


Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero