Different Christmas

Monday, 27 December 2010 21:23

 Let’s talk about one more christmas

The wonderful party that celebrates the birth

Of the greatest being that God has sent to the world

Let’s go to each house just to see

What people ask to Santa Claus

With the most pure and beautiful feeling:

The poor man who lives in the den

At the edge of the abysm asks for that it doesn’t rain

Too much so his house wouldn’t crumble

And doesn’t fall to the bottom.

In the house at the edge of the open-air sewer

For the Mayor to canalize the swift waters

Because the diseases eat them alive just as

The horseflies, mosquitos and bluebottles do as well.

The inhabitants of the awashed areas ask for the

Floodings to not carry away their raisable houses

And the slum dweller ask for the lost bullets

Don’t kill them as consequence of the conflicts

Between factions, the own police and the militia.

The ones who live in black tarpaulin shanties

Who enlarge the city’s outskirts

Ask for the government to give them a house

To complete their happiness.

But it must be a good and well-aired house

Made of masonry, with property title.

The settled who already spent the money

That the government sent him, ask that appears

Someone to buy his land.

Who lives near the airports wishes

That the government change the tracks to another place,

For them to be able to, finally, rest.

Who lives in the center of the city doesn’t supports

The noise and wants of present a mansion

In a poor neighborhood, to be able to enjoy the life.

Who lives in the neighborhoods wants to buy

Na apartment on the center of the city

And never more having to ride a bus or a subway.

Who is rich always asks to the old man

That doesn’t forgive to raise his wealth.

Who got a seat in the gorvernment wants

His job and the governors be able to

Always perpetuate themselves in the power.

Who has a house in the beach just wishes that the summer

Comes without rains for them to be able to tan their bodies.

Who has beautiful clothes for the cold wishes

That the winter comes strong for them to be able to show their clothes.

Who has a lot of money in the bank asks

To be able to raise a lot his wealth.

Who sings wishes for its voice to keep beautiful

And strong in order to enchant the people

Who writes asks for and endless inspiration

For the reader be able to acquire and admire the books

The supporters of Corinthians, Internacional and Flamengo,

Vasco, São Paulo, Santos,

All of Brazil’s team supporters

Asks for reinforcements

In order to conquer the championships.

The ones who sell Jesus at any price

Want their number of devotees to raise

But, the ones who truly loves the Master

Wants His teachings to share…

And us, what we want to ask this christmas?

We want to ask to Boy Jesus

That man comprehends His destiny

For the faith in God raise each day

Make the justice raise in the hearts

And the undying will to love

Because when the human heart

Impregnates itself with divine love

The mighty will help

The poor and the weak

In order for them to be able

To walk with their own effort

Justice, fraternity, love and work

All over the Earth we’ll be able to find.

The tame and pure of heart

Will have the renewed Earth as their own heritage

And, in just one way, in Jesus’ arms

Humanity will have a lead for a good age. 


Luiz Marini - dezembro 2010

Translated by Douglas Lins