Message of a young boy disincarnated in an automobilist accident

Tuesday, 01 June 2010 21:26

Third message


Friends, brothers and familiars. Finally, after some period of absence, i am back to give you some news of there, this other side of the life, this world that good part of the people that still are in the body don’t believe to exist.

The time always distances and approximates us, accordingly to the thought that we have. The distance that exists between us is the only real that always gets us afar. It’s the line between the life and death. But what is death if not the change of places, in time and distance? If the person is a medium, and can see us, hear us, the distance between us is very small. If the person isn’t a medium, and isn’t able to know about our existences, then the abysm that separates us is very big.


I am working in the Spirituality, in a spiritual city, together with some teenagers who also disincarnated very soon, victims of their own misfortunes. But for God there’s no loss of time, there’s the condition to fix what’s deranged.


We understand, very late, that we are eternal and that we need to comply the divine wishes through the mission that we have ahead. No person is in the Earth without having something important to do. If it descends to the bad things it is because its Spirit still doesn’t understand God and His designs.


Time no more exists for us in the same conditions that is presented to the incarnated. The present and the past are messed up into one only instant because we can live both situations. We know then that we have the present to build the future.


It’s nice to be able to work with the teens in our houses of recovering. The mentors of this Spiritist House gave us the possibility to work mainly to forget the past, live the present and idealize the future.


In these houses of light, we understand that we are Spirits in evolution. We shape our forces to balance our Spirit and this helps us much.


I want to leave a very strong hug for my brothers, my parents, for them to understand that death is only a hiatus between God and us, between life in Earth and life in the Spiritual world. Death frees us from the carnal bonds and gives us the opportunity to reach places that we never imagined that they could possibly exist.


I have assiduously visited our country house, because I also have this sickness crusted into my heart and I see that we are Spirits who belong together in the same family since millennia. Some people get in, some people get out, but the family’s foundation is still the same. The base is founded and the Spirits that form the family have the clear vision of us being walkers of the same road.


Don’t be unquiet when the parrot cries with no motive, and the dog seems to see someone who doesn’t exists. It’s me who kid with them, because they see me. And seeing me they have the will to kid with me, and I distract them and I dance attendance upon them with lots of love.



Ah! If men could see us as the animals can. Their sensible soul always observes us and this makes us happy.


When there’s a lot of uproar, with no seeming reason, you may be sure that’s me who arrives at home.




Psychographic message received by the medium Luiz Marini, at the Spiritist Center Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes, of Pato Branco – PR, at a public session in 05/19/10.


Translated by Douglas Renosto Lins.