Hands That Help

Wednesday, 10 February 2010 10:23

When the works in the Spiritual House comes to and end, there remains the hope of a new commitment with God for the walk to be more proficuous.

If we can’t change the past, which is rooted beneath our depths, we can start a new future, in order to rescue previous debits and build the so-dreamed interior peace under Jesus’ blessings.


Let’s remember how much brothers received the spiritual peace, which was so needed by them.


Let’s remember the ones who received the knowledge’s light, the remedy to relieve their pains, the flowing water to reinvigorate their body and Spirit.

Let’s still remember:

The ones who needed a word of comfort and had it.

The ones who looked for the kind hug, full of energies, and received it.

The ones who yearned for the safe guidance to know which paths they should follow and returned to home with their dreams renewed.

The ones who wanted to talk in order to expose their ideas and ideals and received attention.

The ones who needed to expose the mediunic experiences to which they were subjected and, after being heard, were guided.

The ones who only wished to be near in order to hear something different about Máster Jesus and His doctrine.

The ones who wanted only some minutes of concentration in favor of their familiars and friends.

The ones who only wanted to tranquilize the Spirit between friends.

The ones who wanted o relax the body to feel the Spirit and the life pulsing within them.

The ones who dreamed to do something for his fellow and have found a harvest-field full of anxious workers willing to donate their part to the fight for the good.

The ones who were looking to feel the emotion of doing the good and spray their faces with the sobbing of happiness

The ones who wished for a place to unload their grieves and feel that they have unconditional friends.


Let’s remember too:


The ones who already have the Spirit grounded and know that the work for Jesus is the best remedy for all pains and afflictions

The ones who just don’t want to learn, but to do as well.

The ones who don’t feel comfortable with their knowledge, but wish to learn more to better contribute with God’s Cause.

The ones who, instead of wielding weapons for the crime, wield the books to clarify the ones who walk in the ignorance and lights to clear the paths of the ones who are in the darkness.

 The ones who, at the end, wish only a place to rest off of the daily labor, relax the body and feel the spirit fly through regions yet unknown to the common man.


Bezerra de Menezes/Luiz Marini - dezembro de 2009.

Translation by Douglas Lins