Friday, 20 March 2009 17:47


A friend asks me an opinion about the Earth and the possible time for men's tranformation in this moments of planetary changes.

Many weird, amazing, as well tenebrous things, will happen in the incoming days. In situations of pain, many people will get along to rescue their sins from the past, and with this, freeing the spirits' guilt which they got in other incarnations.

For God, the spirits' spiritually raised state is something that must be reached. The search for the places full of light requires assiduity with Christ's teachings.

The best, my friend, is searching for help in your job and in the dedication to the good deeds.

A little time can be taken off every day by any person in order to dedicate one to help the others who are suffering.

One hour a week can take you to good regions of love. Two hours a week can take you to regions of stronger love and light. Three hours can take you to heavenly regions in where there are only peace, love, light and happiness... Consider what waits for you if you continually works for Jesus' Good News.

After that, the happiness' proportion is relactive to the number of hours dedicated, without any interest, for the others.

The good deeds aren't dedicated for one person in particular, and that doesn't matters at all; or even if the planet is changing. What really matters is following the steps of the one Who expired in a cross to teach us the Way, the Truth and the Life.

(Humberto/Luiz Marini 02-09-05)

Translation to English by Anaine Veronese and Douglas Renosto Lins