Friday, 06 March 2015 19:51

A pretty smile on her lips

Seductive hidden passion

Devouring her insides.

The light of your gaze is lost

In the infinite and clear the path

Ardent of colorful flowers.

Dreams fill your candid soul

And the visions of a tangible future

Become reality.

Your heart flutters in feelings

Love, exalted by the brightness

Of their desires and aspirations.

The scent of your body evola

As a hill in the middle

When an orchard in bloom.

Your love shines the sweet look

And in the lisp of her words.

Love invades your chest

And turns into longing,

Splashes of a passion that burns

Softly in her heart.

The sum of their aspirations

Shows in their way of being,

In his way of speaking,

In his gestures,

In his walk.

In shoots of your heart

Mirrored in your soul

Their future dreams, her ardor.

Warrior sweet smile

In the silence of your soul,

A whirlwind of life

Shines in her eyes,

In light of your being.

No matter your name! ...

Mary, Joan, Luiza,

Amanda, Milena, Paula,

Fernanda ...

Or Esther.

The important thing is the life,

It is light, love, passion,

Or simply ...


Luiz Marini 05-03-2015


Translation by Luana Sachet