The flower and the child

Monday, 13 October 2014 13:08

God created plant

Young , fragile, little,

Gave him the divine sap

Of light, freshness and love.

And she grew up in the field

With abundance and joy

Emerging every day

With beauty and splendor.

The sap ascended into branches

Filling the life of stem

Budding in the felt sheet

In the field full blossom.

Grew, seeking the light

Dancing with the wind

Seeking the sun, in the open,

The force of light and force.

In it, life has become full

Full of sap and charm

Forming an immense mantle

Of beauty and splendor.

And the carpet became magic

In the valleys and plains

At the foot of the beautiful hills

In the field, an orchard in bloom.


God allows birth

The stars of heaven, children,

Who embody the hopes

Recognized in the Lord.

They grow in fertile ground

And this development

Seek every moment

Forces in good and in love.

Children are the lifeblood,

The life that runs in profusion

Enternecendo heart

With joy and splendor.

Children are the future,

Dreams of humanity

Which seeks affinity

In the ways of the Lord.

Plants and children

They are the result of divine love.

The bloom of flower and boy

Are reflected in love.

The nature and children

Shine all the time

In search of growth

Perfectly and love.

Luiz Marini 09-10-2014


Translation by Luana Sachet