The Beauty of the Spiritism

Friday, 13 March 2009 18:59


I’ve always asked myself about the life’s mysteries, mainly the ones related to the every day’s coincidences. Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always imagined solutions, ideas, meanings of the origin of some thoughts, explication for talented ones, even reaching the point of imagining the existence of an extra-sensorial world, in which the minds of all people around the world would have an incredible proximity, so that would explain identical dreams (and that before knowing who were Freud and Kardec). Due to that amount of doubts and searches, the impetus of the researching facts and curiosities that exists in the obscurity of the history of the world, that parted from similar origins or even thoughts, in a excessive identical situation to be born from the same minds, in different parts of the world, who never met.

Seeing that, after there searches, as the days passed, such happenings were surely more common than my little mind could imagine. I realized that an unique belief was insufficient to explain such greatness, and that greatness was, for me, an absurd. I started studying more about the world’s religions, the cultures, the natural instincts of the human psychology, and everything that could drive the same thoughts, the same needs, the same ideas, in every and each possible place.

When I encountered the best possible opportunity at least up to now of studying the spiritism, old concepts passed by my mind and were confirmed, simple doubts answered in the most possible detailed manner, and everything was coinciding, but separated by the materialism, now linking each other and forming a gargantuan tree of projects that depicts the structure of the work of the most evolved beings over the less evolved ones. As for an example, the powerful political system of China, which exists since more than two thousand years ago, the Nordic mythology that prepared its people to the clear outcome of the Christianity, or even the simple fact of all people needing the same beings to be adored, having these the exact same functions for their people.

The spiritism, then, for me, came to be the science that would explain the truth. And as well, I learned that the spiritism is a science, a philosophy, and a religion. If it would be just a religion, identical practices wouldn’t be so widespread in a worldwide manner, for different entities. In India, Africa, America, China, and even in Japan, strong concepts that the Christian Spiritual Mediums have in mind, were, millennia ago, widespread and elevated to its maximum, even when not having a unique God of total love and care.

Upon facing such knowledge, and with such opportunity of learning and evolving, I see that the espiritism may guide anyone to change the world, make it a better place to live, even that it’s done indirectly or through whitewashed words. All the conception that surrounds the espiritism is present in the majorities, and if it’s quoted with the maximum caution possible, it can make even a fanatic change its ideals.

Its beauty it’s marked by the simple philosophy that depicts its words; since decades ago facing and battling in a certain manner the old scholar system (not very common nowadays), which kept the secret of the knowledge in the hands of the most favored, and the espiritism acts in a very opposite manner. It uses the love to share all and any kind of positive knowledge, intending to help the world’s progress. Therefore, the philosophy beyond some kind of elitism, games and ascension of a few kind of people is contrary to the espiritism’s ideas, which focus the humanity’s growth as a whole, not ignoring fully and non-sense commercial ideas, but transforming them in productive seeds. Unlike the exclusion which is misused by the society, the espiritism for its own beauty and love has the inclusion in its ideals, even reaching the point of giving me the impression that anyone that we are helping can be the person that will most contribute for the evolution of the humanity in this world.

At last, due to the acquaintanceship of the old society has being sold to the media through fame, money and pleasure, we have some people that are false even to themselves, retracting their own feelings when fearing the social exclusion. That exclusion, practiced, and followed, depicts the warmness of the espiritism, in such a way that it makes them expel all their feelings, even the negatives, in order to be left only lovely positive feelings. Shared opinions and emotions 100 times stronger, everything as a consequence of the heart’s purity and the share of love and knowledge.

Douglas Renosto Lins, on January of 17th of 2009.