Centro Espírita Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes

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The Christmas Trees

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               I can make a correlation between the material world and the spiritual world with the Christmas trees. At the Spiritual Center, we always decorate a tree and set up a nativity scene with a cup of candies and chocolates for children eat.

               The parents lead the children to the Center to see the Christmas tree, the nativity scene, eat some candies and chocolates and, especially to listen about Baby Jesus. While they are at the Center, they listen beautiful stories about a baby which born in Bethlehem and brought to the world the teachings of eternal life. These things create in their spirits the fortress that will protect them of the dangers of life.

               Until fourteen years the child is completing the process of incarnation when then definitely fits into its fleshy body. And the message of Christmas, in this period of life, is indelible in its mind, learning that Jesus is the beloved master that came to the world to give us the spiritual majority.

               The Word of the Messenger that builds, the Christmas tree which decorates, the nativity scene, the baby that sleeps in the manger, the Holy Mother and Jose that watch, the animals which respect, the pastors which admire, and the Holy Kings which venerate him, all these things are part of the major action that God built in Earth: the light of Gospel to the redemption of humanity in the voice of the greatest spirit that we know.

               And in the spiritual world, how is celebrated the Christmas? I answer that in the house we live with Grandmother Maria, we set three Christmas trees next the terrace, at the cozy garden.

               We built a tent and on it we put a hall that in the right side has the nativity scene with all the characters described in the Gospel illuminated by a shooting star in the sky and on the left side a stable with a lot of animals. When we pass by the tent we feel like we were inside the Christmas scene. In the background we put two trees, side by side, and another one in front.

               We decorate the trees with hundreds of lights of all colors, which increase or decrease the intensity of light according the spiritual projection of whose observe. The higher the heart is, stronger is the light that is observed.

               When the night arrives, groups of children sing Christmas songs and dozens of friends arrive to listen melodies that wrapped their Christmas's nights when they were in the Earth. The visitors stay thrilled with the vision of the nativity scene and trees in the sound of wonderful music. All neighbors come when the first stars appear in the sky.

               The important is sow lights in the hearts of children that still accept remember Jesus in his birth. The memories that they carry in their chests will make them love, venerate and respect the Lord of all spirits, the Master of our learning and the Spiritual Guide of our paths.

               Both on the Earth and at the spiritual world the memories of Christmas develops in our spirits the coming of Lord to teach us how to live in well and modify this valley of tears that we call of Earth.


Luisinho/Luiz Marini 12/26/11


Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero



"Home is, before everything, the school of the character and, just when the responsibles for it deliver themselves, happy, to the proper sacrifice, to the victory of love, is that life in Earth will be really of peace and work, growth and progress, because the man will find in the child the tight basis of the program of redemption." (Emmanuel)