Centro Espírita Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes

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The lights of Christmas

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               In the joy of being present in this house of pray and can meet the brothers in faith, hope and love, that works in the blessed harvest of God, I want to ensure that the lights of Christmas are already present in us.

               In the cozy place where Jesus made a home He showed us, through his birth, that we are brothers, that we need to work, that we should search the possibility of grow, and that we can light our heart through the lights of Christmas that is approaching.

               Jesus came to Earth to bring us the hope of knowledge of spiritual life, to show that the death do not exist, that is simply a passage where the man leaves a clothe and that present himself in spirituality with the lights that decked out his Spirit.

               All of us, when the Christmas is coming, remeber of Jesus, the Holy Mother, our heavenly Father, and we open our heart to receive the lights that comes from the highest heaven.

               We remember the simple's manger where Jesus was accommodated between straw, we remember the animals, the pastors, the wise men. We look back to Marie of Nazareth and Jose; the beloved parents that God chose to receive on their lap the most beautiful son of world.

               We remember that the superior spirit that we meet in the universe was among us in a very simple manger, in Bethlehem, to show that the grandiosity is in the spirit and is not in the relics, monuments, buildings, mansions, castles, in gold, in purple. He brought us knowledge for we can enjoy the spiritual’s freedom that leads us to understand his spirit of light.

               To understand his mission, we should open the Gospel, study it, know Jesus and try to follow his steps, because, in the spirituality, only who does the well is who can get the places of eternal light, of major luminosity, where the goodness live, where the love fills the hearts of spirits, where the cities are decorated of lights to adorning Christmas.

               With Jesus in the heart we learn how to love. Love our friends, the indifferent people and even the enemies.

               If we are in error with someone we should ask for forgiveness to God, apologizes to those we offended, so we can walk with holding hands in a same road, because we are spirits with a course to follow that is reach the happiness and the refuge in a happy port.

               We should create the spirituality inside us and understand that we are spirits in search of God and only through the well we can reach this desideratum.

               That the lights of Christmas approaching, coming into heart of all men to they learn to seek the happiness and the love for your neighbor.

               That Christmas can represent the family reunion of the Christ of God in our hearts, so that we may walk for the straight road of good and face the problems with gallantry and confidence that they will be solved.

               That the spirit of Christmas covers the earth with a mantle of love, decorating with lights the hearts of all men, teaching them that only love can cure our wounds and cover our sins.

               That Jesus does not be only a boy gracing our crib, but the real lord of spirits leading our steps to happiness.


Andre Luiz/Luiz Marini 11/30/11.


Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero



"Not even Jesus Christ, when he came to the Earth, proposed himself to solve someone's particular problem. He limited himself to teach us the path, which we need impart for ourselves." (Francisco Cândido Xavier)