Centro Espírita Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes

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Two classes of men

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               When Paulo from Tarso arrived to the city of Athens, known by launch Socrates and other philosophers to the world, he see in it a very beautiful city, with large and beautiful monuments, graced with gold, greatness, for wealth and specially the idolatry that its people had for gods of stone and for the egocentrism.

               Paulo observed the people that passed by the principal square and noticed that many speakers talked about the most different issues and the people, curious, listened attentively.

               Paulo resolved to speak to the people in the square too and the people hear him.

               The great preacher, in his intelligent and great way of expose Jesus and God, started speak about a unique God, in contrast of the gods that the Athenians adored. Then they asked themselves which God is this?

               Until the point that he talked about the Messiah that should come and that would come from Israel and this Messiah would be called of Jesus Christ. Paulo knew that the people of world were expecting the Christ of God, but they did not know where He would birth and how He would named.

               Paulo talked about the Old Testament, Moses and the Prophets that would announce the coming of Messiah in Israel, the birth of Jesus, his preaching and his death in the cross, all occurring according the prescribed in the scriptures.

               When Paulo talked about Jesus and his resurrection, the people let the square saying: - “we will hear you in another chance”.

               And Paulo from Tarso became  embittered with this, he left Athens where conquered only some few admirers that built a Christian church to start the dissemination of the Gospel to the Greek people.

               Then Paulo commented with his friends and missionaries that walked with him around the world that were two species of men that were hard to do the Gospel enter in the heart.

               The first class was of Orthodox Jews that lived the life inside the mores and laws prescribed by Moses in the Pentateuch and do not accepted the coming of Messiah. Because Christ was announced by the Prophets and this is in the Old Testament, like someone that should come and that would be the Messiah promised to Israel.

               Because the Jews do not believe that someone that teach the charity and love to the neighbor could be the Messiah. The Messiah should be a warrior, a king that brought his army and that dominate all the enemies, and consequently would make Israel dominate the world.

               The second class was of the man that he had found on Athens, backed to the egocentrism, that think they were owners of science, philosophy, religion, knowing of everything and that do not accept the opinion of anybody, people who think that they were above the common reality of mortal men.

               Today, the class of men that do not accept Jesus and God, continues in the same way?

               One of the classes have all the materialist people that do not accept in no way that God may have sent someone to help us.

               The other class is that who think that are above the good and evil, who think only in science, philosophy, politics, but that do not understand Jesus or God and that ponders that are above of all things, and because of that they do not do what Jesus taught.

               We, like spirits and knowing of the Spirit Doctrine, have the obligation of teach to our mates in the Earth that we are all brothers and that we are in this planet to do works, fulfill missions, do the well, the charity, to work the love inside our hearts and to follow the Gospel of Jesus that taught us to love God above all things and to the neighbors as ourselves.

               We understood that all people have the opportunity of grow in spirit and light in each day. Everyone has the right of reach the happiness, of being good, and this is something that they carry in their hearts forever.

               Many times the man will understand the spirituality that is transmitted through the spiritual’s mentors only when the problems arrive, because they do not want to learn and when they learn, many times they forget the words of eternal life and do not do anything.

               It is important to us that are in the spiritual harvest, transmit to the men the certainty that Jesus is on our side and that God always protect us.

               We must instill in their hearts that we always need the divine’s help to reach the happiness and to remove of our hearts the negative forces that many times lead us to dark places after the death.

               Remembering Paulo from Tarso, we know that the sowing is hard, because the field is sterile, but God make sprout thistles and grasses in the most inhospitable places.

               Who knows today the heart of our brother is receiving divine water of comprehension and his field will save the seed of Gospel that will transform his life.

               It does not cost anything sow light in the darkness that covers the roads. In the night the stars shine in the sky lightening the roads to the travelers do not get lost. Let us too be the flames that shine in the deserts of souls in pain and darkness.


Bezerra de Menezes/Luiz Marini 26/10/11.


Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero.



"Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself (completely) as you wish to be." (Thomas Kempis)