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The Curse of 27

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                Once again the history repeats itself with a singer that died with 27 years old. Is it a curse? Who knows?

               The life of Amy Winehouse was full of problems of all kinds. The main, that led her to the death were the misuse of alcohol and drugs. The scandals that she caused were nothing more than the result of the use of narcotics.

               In the last four months she was so crazy that she could not even sing in shows. She used to sing three or four songs and gets out of the stage to do not come back. The hoots were the result of the performance below the critical. The doctors affirmed that the singer would not reach the 28 years, because of her been. Some photos from internet showed that she was sick, unable to open her eyes, staggering, without sense of time and space.

               Owner of a beautiful voice that remembers the great muses of soul, she could not win the problems that the success brings to the artists. The escape is almost always the same: alcohol and drugs. And the result is always the same: the premature death.

               When we remember the past we see that a lot of artists died with 27 years old, leaving a void in their fans that will never be filled. The music raised them to a landing so high, that their deaths are mourned until today. Let’s remember some of these idols that died early.


Jimi Hendrix

               He is considered the guy that rediscovered the guitar. He was the greatest guitarist of all time. He dead in 1970, suffocated with his vomit, with 27 years old.


Janis Joplin

               She was an American singer that died of heroin overdose in 1970 with 27 years old.


Jim Morrison

               He was poet, singer and composer of band The Doors. He died with a heart attack in a hotel of Paris in 1971. He was 27.


Kurt Cobain

               Leader of Nirvana died in 1994 with 27 years old. The version is that he committed suicide with a rifle’s shot.


Amy Winehouse

               She was from England, white, from a Jewish family, with a voice and soul of a muse of 1960’s soul. She died in her apartment in London in July 23, 2011. The cause of her death is still unknown.

               Many people say that is necessary the use of drugs and alcohol to cope with the stress that an artist is exposed. A lot of them use medicines and other legal drugs, but end up abusing the use and dying for it. Said to be the case of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley whom died victims of overdose.

               I often say that there is a bridge in the life of people from 10 to 30 years.

               At this stage occur the greatest difficulties for people. Is when begins the puberty and the discovery of a million of unknown things.

               And the unknown can lead to demand of obscure ways of which no return. The traffickers seek vitiate the teenagers; the bad guys try to show that life out of the law is better than the life by the law. The drunken people tries show that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is so natural that who does not drink is considered abnormal. The society shows that the cigarette is an important supplement to be socialized.

               They seek to demonstrate the easy win by the theft, robbery, prostitution, drug traffic, influence peddling, blackmail, and many other ways to be an outlaw.

               The spirits that must reincarnate have fear of fall in the claws of evil justly in this time of life.

               The child well oriented in religiousness, civility and humanity have better conditions of pass through this bridge and become a good citizen. For this, the orientation of family inside the spiritual principles, that shows that the reach of happiness is only achieved with decent work in the construction of a personality oriented for the well, is important.

               Knowing the principles of God’s Law, demonstrated mainly by the spiritualism, we know that those who walk by the dark roads of evil will have great difficulties to come back to the roads of light.

               Many spirits with good spiritual condition, when reincarnate, end up falling in the vice, violence, drugs and came back to the spiritual world in precarious conditions, forcing spiritual mentors to perform a delicate service of rescue and spiritual treatment for detoxification. This work can take years to achieve success.

               Some may claim that the fame leads the artist to seek refuge in alcohol and drugs to remain standing and meet professional contracts.

               I remember of Pele that was the greatest footballer of all time, the most famous of all and that we never knew that have used alcohol or drugs as adjuncts. Only one was his help in professional life: the ball.

               And the question that stays in the air is: which is the destiny of these famous in the spiritual world?

               According to Jesus will be given to each one according their works.

               The vast majority were people of good spiritual quality which had the misfortune of not having safe orientation in the first battles and ended up falling into addictions.

               They died because of them and what they have to do in the world of spirits is seek treatment to come back to normal.

               If they have the protection of good mentors they will be cured of this need of uses narcotics in a short time.

               After this, they will start the phase of work to rebuild morale and start over again their lives with the music.

               When they will have permission to return to the Earth to retake their careers and build their destinies again.

               The reconstruction work should be, preferably, out of the insidious hands that conduce to vices.

               Only then, with good material and spiritual support, they can overcome the curse that kills the famous people when they have 27 years old.


Luiz Marini – 26-07-2011


Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero



“I count him braver who conquers his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is the victory over self.” (Aristóteles)