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Believe and Rest

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               A friend, Evangelical, told me that he believes in the Bible and that it reveals that Jesus died in the cross to save us, to free us to the sin. He said: Jesus came to the world exactly for this: die and save the humanity.

               “I am believer in Jesus, and because of this, I am saved”. The friend smiled and complete: “But, worse yet, I would be saved the same way, because I have in my home my wife and four daughters, which gives five women that surround me, with all their problems, tricks and gossips. It saves anyone.

                He smiles with the insight of the friend who took the time to tell me your thoughts about the life and his knowledge of Bible. What to do? These people have an opinion in matters of religion and does not suit us maintain a sterile discussion.

               They have a quiet life and rest, because they does not have any obligation with anyone and according to what was said to me they are prohibited of help their family and needy, because each one must on their own help yourself.

               This thought is in disagreement with the fundamental principle of Spiritualism which says: “out of the charity there is no salvation”. And these thoughts going against the principle of Jesus too: “to each one according his works” and “by the fruit is that we know the work”

               With the Spiritualist knowledge we learn that the spirits are in our Earth in search of evolution and that the major principle that governs our lives is reaching the perfection. How we can reach the perfection if we continue wandering by the winding roads of evil? How we go evolve if we don’t improve our intimate and our relationship with each other?

               The great apostle Paulo from Tarso told us: “Sends… that may be rich in good works” (Tim 6:18) “God will reward each one according their works” (Rom 2:6).

               If the good works were not necessary, but only the faith, it justified that a person can take a life of sin, simply have faith to be saved. Say Paulo from Tarso: “What shall we say so? That we should stay in the sin for the grace reach its fullness? No way!” (Rom 6, 1-2).

               The sinner should ask forgiveness of your sins and change your life according what  Jesus told us, when He said to the woman which would be stoned: “Go and don’t sin anymore!”

               Jesus remind us too that “not everyone who says to me “Lord, Lord” will come in the Kingdom of Heaven, but that who practices the desire of my Father that is at Heaven” (Mt. 7:21). The practice of the desire of God means practice good works and work for the good.

               The apostle Tiago told us: (2, 14 – 26): 14 - “For what would serve, my brothers, tell that someone has faith, if he doesn’t have works? Perhaps, the faith may save him? (…) 17 – Then the faith too, if it doesn’t have works, in itself, is dead”.

               We also remember of the teachings of Jesus: - “You are the light of world. We can not hide a city set on a hill. We can not light a lamp and put it under the bushel, but we put it on the chandelier and it shines for everyone that are in home. You shine in the same way with your lights before the men, so that, seen yours good works, glorify your Father that is in the Heaven”. (Mt 5, 14-16).

               The Spirits teach us that the life continues in the other world and that the Spirits work continuously like beings engaged in the task of disseminate the desire of God trough the world. The good Spirits are helping those who are suffering and are in places of misery and suffering.

               If they did not need works would be seated in heavenly places, reading books, talking with each other, listening the good music, writing texts and poetries, admiring the work of God’s creation. But, it does not happen. The higher a Spirit is more work he wants for him, more responsibilities he searches, happier he feels in help the needy.

               It’s from Law that the strong helps the weak to rise and walk towards life. If today we are with some spiritual condition of help the needy, we also were, in the past, abject beings, criminals, and we could, with the help of our major friends, get out of the matted which we were.

               It would be good if we could only believe and save us. But Jesus ordered us to walk while there is light, and this leads us to seek incessantly God and his justice. Indeed, is important highlight to friends that the practice of good leaves us with a light heart, with the look softened and with the spirit hovering in regions of infinite light.


Luiz Marini – 03-05-2011

Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero



"It is only with the heart that is possible to see rightly; the essential is invisible to the eyes." (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)