Centro Espírita Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes

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The work continues

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               Dear brothers in the peace of Jesus!

               Since the time we were together in this house of pray to work with the spirituality, we learn to thank to God for everything that we received. We are thanking for the difficulties that we had too; because they teached us to walk in the straight road of good. We thank for the teachings that we received of our parents, because since we were children we learned, with them, how to pray to Jesus and how to follow his teachings.

               We learned that God is the Lord of universe and that we are in the Earth to learn how to realize works and actions that can conduce us to the major spirituality.

               Since our earliest years, close five years, we started to see and talk with spirits, proving that the life continues after the death of body. This work incessantly, led us to live the well fully in the life, until that God call us to fulfill the mission in the mediumship with the Consoling Doctrine of Spiritualism. We embrace with the larger affection of the world the mission that God appointed to us, because we also had learn and do. According with the sayings of Andre Luiz, “When the worker is ready, the work appears”.

               We are speaking with the friends, because a lot of them had walked on the same paths, the same roads of our works in the Earth. A lot of them are our friends or relatives that with us toiled and we all understand that we are on a way of redemption and that we need walk incessantly forward.

               Today, in the spirituality, we belong to a spiritual family of big proportions. We are in the condition of workers that seek help the brothers that have needs, whether they are embodied beings or disembodied.

               Everyone that works for the good, receives in the spiritual world, the reward of had worked for the charity, because we know that the path that leads us to the light of God is always linked with the good that we do for the other one.

               We can in the night, during the sleep of our friends, talk, exchange ideas, work, do, arrange and understand, because we all are apprentices in the school of world.

               Thanks to God, we go with the heart opened, happy, working every day to grow up and follow ahead. The light that clears our paths and that is inside of our hearts is called of Jesus.

               Therefore, we that today are living in spirituality, in a city of light, of happiness and love, we affirm that spirits that work and evolve, they can achieve the greater light how a consequence of their fight.

               We would like that, the friends work hard on the Earth, for tomorrow, when the doors of spiritual's world will open up for each one, through the disincarnation, so they may found a place full of light, as we found, as a premium for your conduct in well, because the happiness is only felt after we already have it.

               Today we thank to God for the opportunity that we had of come back to the Earth through of incarnation, to learn with our parents, teachers, brothers, relatives and friends.

               We learn with those that were placed as our opponents too, not because we want it, but because they have ideas different of ours ideas and they don’t accept that each man have the right of follow your free will. In the really, when somebody charged us something, this served to policing ourselves, and with this, we learn to walk in righteousness, to walk under the light of Jesus.

               We want to thank to Jesus that allowed us work with the friends that are here, with our mentors and with Dr. Bezerra that is the spiritual guide of our Spirit's House.

               We want to thank to the Blessed Mother, the protection to millions of houses and institutions that work in their name in the assistance to the needy.

               That these God’s ambassadors protect the humanity for we can, with holding hands, follow in the path of light, peace and happiness.

               From your sister Maria.


Maria Daminelli Marini

(Page received trough psychophonia for the medium Luiz Marini, in public session in the Spirit Center Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes in May 05, 2011)

Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero



“I count him braver who conquers his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is the victory over self.” (Aristóteles)