Centro Espírita Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes

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Message from Bezerra de Menezes

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Growers of the world

Dear brothers, in the peace of Jesus

We are travelers getting through this world in which God has let us incarnate multiple times in the search of spiritual progress. In here we reincarnated many times to learn about spirituality and do well. But the most part of our time was spent overcharging our Spirits in the vile actions which we committed aiming for our egoism’s favor.

We have wandered between good and evil for millennia until we reached the time of understanding that we are eternal Spirits in the search of God. When we received the paper that we have to develop in the face of the world we start to reincarnate in order of being able to remove the negative fluids that we impregnated, for millennia, in our Spirit.

By our side we have the strength and the wisdom that God provides to us in order to understand Jesus and therefore to know that we are His debtors and that we have to comply with His purposes in order for us to raise ourselves.

Today we know that we are Spirits in evolution and that we are searching each day for learning, trying to build our future of peace, stepped on good actions. We are still imperfect creatures peregrinating elsewhere, peregrinating in diverse fields and cultivated fields, towards God.

What makes us different, many times, from the brothers that drag themselves in the rearguard, still impregnated by the dissidence and the evil, is that we learn to search for Jesus everyday with our hearts open and our spirits free, comprehending that only Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Jesus is not a fictitious being, an invention of the men. He is the Lord of the world and is in permanent contact with all that work in His conquest. We see Him in the face of the suffering, abandoned and sad creatures by the moment that we outreach our hands to help them.

All of us who have already learned to free ourselves from the wounds and the prisons that have kept us imprisoned to the unfair and malevolent occurrences feel immensely happy when we have the opportunity of serving our friends.

This is why we keep the spiritual chain always prepared for the work in the good, for charity and the love to the next, and this is why Jesus concedes us the incumbency of tanking care of hundreds of Spiritist Centers around the Brazilian regions and around the world.

In the Spiritist Houses we combine the efforts with our incarnated brothers for the work of clarifying, help and evolution proceeds with Jesus’ blessings.

The non stopping work is the accolade that God provides to us in order to dedicate ourselves more and more to teach and learn.

All of us who fight for Jesus and feel ourselves as working Spirits of His cultivating fields that covers the entire world.

The Spiritist Centers, through the teachings of the Christ molded and renewed by the superior Spirits through the codification realized by Allan Kardec comply, through the development of the medianity, the work, the tasks, the practice of the charity, the learning, the teaching, a work of great importance in the renovation of the human being.

We understand that the Spiritist Houses have the opportunity of teaching to the men the undying glory of God and of Jesus and to show that we are in the world to learn, make, fight and happen.

And all of us, in these diary fights, we feel vary happy and useful by being able to help those who are in need.

We feel ourselves strong enough to travel to the darkest places of the Earth and from there take out the Spirits who are suffering. When this happens it is because that they already have the permission of being conducted to regions of light in order to be helped and then follow in the cultivation of the good, and in that a near future they may be able to reincarnate to finally follow as walkers of Jesus in the fight for the good.

In the dimensions in where we have been working, in spirituality, we get immensely happy when we are able to remove the suffering Spirits from the ways of bad and suffering. God’s growers rejoice and throw some parties at the heavens when they are able to change the destiny of those who suffer. It is important to make them feel good and walk with Jesus.

My brothers, hear God’s voice and learn with Jesus!...

Do everything he taught in order for the heart of every spirit to be able to be pure, shining and having divine light for it to be able to walk together hand in hand with other workers of the good around the world.

Fight for us to be able to raise together the lights that come from God and that we be the new Spirits and men that are going to have to regenerate and renew the cosmic forces of the world.

May we be strong to not lose heart in front of the vicissitudes. May we be the heralds of the bonanza to spread faith, hope and charity to all the places of the Earth.


Bezerra de Menezes.


Psychophonic message received by the medium Luiz Marini in the Spiritist Center Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes, in a public session, in 23-06-2010.

Translated to English by Douglas Renosto Lins.



"It is only with the heart that is possible to see rightly; the essential is invisible to the eyes." (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)