Centro Espírita Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes

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Little children on Christmas

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 When God let us come to this house of prayers, where we have been working for many years in our last carnal experience, we feel the bubbly hearts full of happiness of seeing that dozens of brothers started to understand Jesus at his plenitude, beginning to understand Jesus nearby Christmas, because Jesus also has been a child.

And His birth depicts the experience of the greatest Spirit that God conceded to Earth, because since he was a boy, he could understand at His infinite wisdom what was the spiritual mission that God reserved to him.

And when the Christmas comes, we all unsteel our hearts, open our souls for the understanding of God and the comprehension of Jesus. We must learn to grow, walk and do things. And this opportunity of learning with boy Jesus, we can have it as long as we are simple, much like the kids.

This is so true that in a certain time in Capernaum, Jesus called His disciples and, while talking to them, he asked them to bring him a child. Jesus put him on His lap and told them that they should be like the kids.

In the parable in which Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these," it was because Jesus knew that that kid on his lap was a superior Spirit, owner of an infinite light and that would be called Ignatius of Antioch.

The Spirit of this boy, even after being on Jesus' arms, was even cared for John the Evangelist, and became one of Jesus Christ's greatest apostles. Jesus held on his lap one of the greatest man humanity has ever known.

The boy Jesus that was in the manger at His Christmas is the same Jesus that went to preach at Galilee, who left to the people the knowledge of a God of love and peace.

He passed on to us all the teachings that we should learn about God. Jesus didn't leave anything to be teached; the problem is that we all, at that time, did not have enough understanding to be able to comprehend what He wanted to say.

After centuries we came to understand Jesus Christ; after two milennia of suffering, agony, work and improvement.

And us, at the night that we celebrate one more birthday of Jesus Christ, we are very happy of seeing that all the friends that we cultivated during our last incarnation are present, that are still together with us in the same labor, because we only change bodies, following to the spiritual sphere. We get out of the flesh to the spiritual world, and I remember those brothers that had a great care for us, who always visited us, and that kept with us a great friendship. This happiness is kept on the two planes of life.

Relembro que esses irmãos estão cada vez mais com o coração enternecido pela Doutrina Espírita, que nada mais é que a doutrina de Jesus, renascida.

Então as pessoas do Centro já estão se mobilizando, fazendo um pacotinho de presente, chocolates, um carrinho ou uma boneca, para dar ao menino e à menina que vem ao Centro e também aos pobres de alguns bairros.

After centuries we came to understand Jesus Christ; after two millennia of suffering, agony, work and improvement.

So the people of the Center are already mobilizing themselves making packs of presents, chocolates, toy cars and dolls, to the boys and girls who come to the Center and also to the poor of any neighborhood.

Because, in truth, when this present is offered, it isn’t only the chocolate that goes, but also Jesus’ blessings that are still inside the chocolate, the blessing that comes to immunize the kid against diseases, pursues, obsessions and a series of other bad things that may come.

As we say, it is consecrated, it is blessed, and this is a way of transforming Jesus’ love in true love to these kids, to all of us.

In this Christmas, may we keep our hearts open to learn, because we are Spirits in evolution, and we have still much to do and to learn, because we are too tiny.

I hope that we have the setting of the Boy Jesus in the manger, that we be tiny like Him, tiny like Ignatius of Antioch and great like Ignatius and Jesus.


Maria Daminelli Marini

Psychophonic message received by the médium Luiz Marini, in a public session, in the Spiritual Center Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes, of Pato Branco – PR, at the night of December 15th 2010.

Translated by Douglas Lins and Tânia Pacheco.



"Beyond the earth, beyond the infinity, I looked in vain for heaven and hell. But an inside voice said to me: Heaven and hell are in yourself." (Omar Kháyyám)