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New Christmas

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After some time, Jesus gave me permission and I am back to snuggle with the ones who form my family. Getting next to Christmas, the hearts get floppy and filled by the harmony, which settles within the air, blasting in vibrations of light.

Ah! I remember Jesus very well, the boy sleeping in the manger and the Holy Mother by his side, as if protecting him from the traps of the world. And Joseph, his father, with immense humility, thanking God for the bless of receiving in the bosom of his family the one who would be the Lord of the world, the one who already was the Lord of our galaxy.

In spirituality the Christmas dream takes over all people. Within the air the echoes of Boy Jesus’ birth exhilarate. In the ornament of the doors and windows we can see the transparency of the Lord’s happiness.

For us the feeling of life permeates with the lights that put our Christmas in gala. Jesus is alive and stays in our midst as the Savior of the world and of the man. The faith that we have in Him is so great that even the separations and sadness, that many times fill our souls, doesn’t lets us down.

And remembering of this universal data, I thank God for life, for the opportunity of seeing and feeling at each day His presence in our life.

If before I walked around the world entangled within the life’s crucibles, without having much time to think in Jesus, now I have time and I dedicate myself with great emotion in learning the Nazarene’s message and in complying with the wish of carrying to the creatures His pure word, impregnated with light.

I employ my time in study and work, because I learned that the Spirit must profit by the opportunities that God gives to grow. And I am developing very much through the places in which I have been walking. I have met wonderful friends, who conducted me to the good’s wheat field

The agony, the suffering and the darkness are very far from the places that I walk. I find only happiness in here. I live with the ones who have been relatives by the blood, but I also get part on the work of hundreds of new friends that I cultivated in here by Jesus’ goodness. Never more the sadness has joined my heart because I don’t have time to think in afflictions.

For me it has been easier to absorb the feeling that I miss you because when I wish I get into our house and in there I pass some very delightful hours. I talk to you through thought and I feel that you notice me, and I receive, this way, the care of opening my arms to fondle myself in eternal life. When I come all sadness that could be in the house go away and the place gets filled with lights and peace.

And I still remember that the parrot notices my presence and cries and sings as if he would be crazy. The dog knows when I come and swings its tail without stopping. They want to speak with me and tell you that I have come. Know that when they are very agitated it is because that I am near. They are the parabolic antennas that register my presence and transmit it by their own way.

In this Christmas I want to thank God for our family and for all the things I have received while we have been together. Nothing can surpass the love of those who understand life as a universal whole. Today we are in different places and vibrations, but, tomorrow, when God wishes, we will be together again crowning the love that we feel with the same emotion.

Do good to all those you can, because, this way, you will be honoring my memory.

Guard in this Christmas the peace vibrations that come from a boy who has Born in a manger in Bethlehem, to conquer the world

Claiton   09/12/10

Translated by Douglas Renosto Lins



"Sage isn't the man who gives the true answers; is the one who formulates the true questions." (Claude Lévi-Strauss)