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Animals - Men Got Caught In Their Own Trap

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On August 18, 2010, during a bullfight in Tafalla, a community of Navarre, northern Spain, a bull jumped into the stands and injured about 30 people. A 10 year old boy remains in critical condition in the Hospital ICU of Navarre, a 23 year old suffered a fracture in his vertebra and his status is regular and a man aged 47 had injuries in the lumbar region. The others had minor injuries.


Watching the video posted on the Internet we see the bull in the arena, walking impatient, nervous, because it certainly he had foreseen its end. It suddenly ran and jumped on a short wall and then to the grandstand. It was a stampede without order from the audience. And then we could see dozens of children among the spectators. The bull attacked people in the stands before falling in the ditch beside the arena. Many people ran to lasso the bull. The news printed on the Internet says that after fifteen minutes the bull was sacrificed. The villain of the day was dying in the clutches of people angry and hurt.


"The ox is an animal, but has a soul under the skin" says local musician of Brazil’s south. Certainly the animal, while driven to the arena felt harassed and afraid, and tried to escape. As in the arena there is no escape, it ended up in the stands injuring people.


The bull is created on specialized farms in forming violent and ferocious animals for bullfights. Their defensive play is to attack the opponent. They blame the disaster on the bull and not the usual barbaric culture. The penalty for the animal's death.


Strange how they teach children to see the killing of animals in the arenas. This creates the infant who is in training your body and spirit in the settlement of the body in the new incarnation a sense of banality to death. Firstly they look with indifference at the death of the animals, then, the same way towards the death of people. To become outsiders to the suffering of others is a step.
They had the bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If they were at home studying, watching a movie, reading a book, playing with friends, they would be protected.


Spiritism asserts that the child is the hope of the world and we should educate them from an early age for them to form good and worthy men. The Spiritism teaches children through evangelism and youth the best spiritual knowledge. Animals are our younger brothers, we must take care of them and not vex.
Bezerra de Menezes says that the reincarnating Spirit until 7 years old is still adapting to the new body. It is the ideal time to sow good thoughts and advice


In countries where bullfighting is still cultivated, rather than teaching the path of good, they teach the art of killing. They want to instill in the spirits the adrenaline of the battle between a bull and a bullfighter and his assistants. The bull without weapons against swords and cleavers.

They say the flesh of dead animal in the arenas is donated to the poor. Pity the poor ... The friends will say: - "Pity? If they get some meat? ". 

I answer that it would be better to eat potatoes than the flesh of dead animals in agony and sacrifice. You know why? Science has proven that animals can sense when they are slaughtered, they form enzymes in their cells, due to fear of death in meat and that will be transferred to the body that ingested. These enzymes carry the genes of cancer that will in a short time develop.

Occasionally a bullfighter is badly wounded and dies in action. Occasionally the audience is suffering attacks. It is the day of the hunter and the days of hunting.

After much fanfare, finally, Catalonia, Spain bans bullfights from 2012 onwards.


The region has two bullfighting arenas, located in Barcelona. One of them is already disabled and will be a shopping mall and the other has just 15 presentations during the year. This is very little for a region belonging to Spain where the show is traditional. Spectacle of blood, let us say in passing.


We have already written about it and is posted on the website under the title "Spectacles of blood." Animals deserve our respect and it's not healthy to continue sacrificing so inhumanly these fighters of the arenas. I say this because the bullfighter is in large advantage over the opponent. Besides the help of several assistants, they have in their favor the sword for the outcome fatal blow against the opponent. Surely an unequal struggle between an animal called man and a living being called a bull.


 But hey, life is like that, until we understand the purpose that God has determined for our targets, which is perfection, we will be thrilled with the death of innocent animals, the arenas of life.


Luiz Marini – august 18,  2010

Translated by Douglas Lins.




"Dedicate one of the seven nights of the week to the Evangelic Cult at home, for Jesus be able to rest in your house." (Joana de Angelis)