Centro Espírita Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes

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New Christmas

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In our house, in the Spirituality

We made up a crèche

Full of characters and lights,

With moss and transparent lakes,

With trees and mountains

Shining brightly...



We composed the images of the

Animals and the shepherds.

They got wonderful, so lovely,

We put the Magi

And the announcing angels

The simple and artless manger

With straw as golden as pure gold.

Beside it we put Joseph

And Mary, the Holy Mother

Jesus, the most

Beautiful boy in the world,

The infinity’s light

Had its arms open

With its most beautiful face,

Blessing the world,

The poor, the stingy, the rich,

The clean and the filthy of heart.

But this crèche had life

Irradiated light and happiness,

Love and inspiration,

For it being made

With the sincere love of the heart.

And Jesus…

We’ve seen Him in Spirit!...

He’s beautiful

Like a sun of hope,

Like a ray of great prosperity

Covering all Earth.

He’s the most sage between

All the sages of the universe.

He’s perfect as if God

Assumed the form of a boy.

Lord of our destiny,

Messiah of the oppressed souls

Star that conducts the lives!...

Your words chant in the air

And we remember:

“Let the little children come to me,

For the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

We are the little children

Workers of the Lord.

And we see the Christmas in the Earth

In every part,

In the most distant hinterlands.

The Christmas is present in the hearts

Of those who love and worship God,

In those who search for the light

In Jesus’ footprints.

The angels sing the chants

In every part of the world:

In the Egypt, in India, in Brazil,

In the USA, in Japan, in China,

In France, in Israel, in Argentina,

In every country that worships God

Because the countries are just

Fruits of the political division of the men

And not the Holy Will’s wish

Whose sovereign Law teaches us

That we are Spirits in evolution

And that we’ll go back to the same Father

That with love, calls us, attracts us

In the search of the supreme perfection.

Luisinho/Luiz Marini – december 2009

Translation by Douglas Lins




"There is a great man who makes every man feel small. But the real great man is the man who makes every man feel great." (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)