Centro Espírita Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes

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The Angel

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(Don’t despair. Never give up)

I looked for all the sky,


An Angel who could help

In my work, in my life...

I visited lands and skys, I traveled for everywhere,

Looking for this angel

And I didn’t find him.

When everything seems lost,

When I was depressed,

Without strength to continue,

It Appears, full of light,

An angelical begin,

A friend, who said me:

- “Look at the sky,

And follow the light of a star...

Your angel is far from here, on Earth,

Performing a mission designated by God.

Follow this light that it will take you

Till the angel you are looking for”.

So I saw a light from this star

And I started following it for everywhere.

It outlined mountains, got down the valleys

From the shadows, it traveled by the plains,

It outlined the seas, the sierras,

Doing thousands of movements in the air.

But I determined followed it,

Till it flashed with more magnitude,

It got down from the sky,

And it got in the chest of a pretty lady.

And this lady was you!...

Luiz Marini, May 13th of 2009.

Translation to English by Eduardo Veronese on June the 10th of 2009.



"All would live long, but none would be old." (Benjamin Franklin)