Centro Espírita Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes

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God is Impossible

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When we talk about God, we can see how small we are. Because we look the world and see who created this with all the perfections only can be called God.

If we look the stars we will see that they are so distance and so beautiful, so splendid and extreme perfect in their trajectory in the universal concert.

The celestial vault makes us to think about the wisdom’s amplitude whose forged their infinite structure, well fit it billions of suns and stars and the greatness of every kind of stars.

The sky silence makes us to consider how much we can listen, in songs, in words and in the mysterious voice that arrives from infinite who represents God.

The moon that is in the necessary distance to keep the oceans equilibrium, in the coming and going of soft tides, the plant that opens in the moonlight, in the sad howl of the coyote.

The mountains, fields, rivers, valleys, meadows, deserts, swamps, mountains ranges, in everything we see the extreme goodness of a being who we call God.

The birds, animals, reptiles, fishes, we feel in them the ardent praise life for God.

The men who live in the Earth as tenants of a paradise who insist to destroy, looking for an insane and excessive profit, where only the God’s hand is able to stop their voracious impulses, and then understand that, with kindness, the seeds will be able to germinate and the planet will give the bread for everybody.

A simple and dewy flower that opens in the radiant morning, demonstrate the perfections in its petals.

The flower without petals that enter in the ground to turn fertilizing and make to flourish the plant, and give life to a new flower.

In everything and everybody we can see the perfection of each being, of each movement, what demonstrate that a superior intelligence built everything.

In His rules we know that there isn’t difficulty to understand Him, because everything that stand out is His wisdom.

God is impossible to be understood, from micro to macro everything fit in the nature and demonstrate that we will never be able least imitate Him.

If we could understand God in His totality, He wouldn’t be God anymore. Therefore, we surrender to His wisdom and we say that define God is impossible.

Luiz Marini, April 16th of 2009.

Translation to English by Daiane Halila Gomes on April the 17th of 2009.



"No activy at the good is insignificant. The highest trees come from tiny seeds." (Francisco Cândido Xavier)