Centro Espírita Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes

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Being a mother is abnegating the world to take care of fruit from her womb.

Being a mother is caress the undefended son that search the breast to satisfy the hunger and donate the precious liquid to conduction to the life.

Being a mother is disdaining the cold of frozen nights to wrapping the child dreams that wake up in half of night.

Being a mother is feeling the pain that the son feels when cries because he is sick.

Being a mother is caring in order the fever reduced and that the body temperature turns to normal then can recline on the pillow and snooze the just sleep.

Being a mother is taking care of the steps that the son follows at roads of life, advising them that never fall in temptation.

Being a mother is showing the abyss that open in their front and the imminent danger that there is falling in it.

Being a mother is talking to the son that he understand that life is full of opportunities to be happy, but also flood of tempting occasions that can take to perdition.

Being a mother is an example of dedication to the well, so that the son understands that the important of life is reaching the objective mirrored in morality and good habits.

Being a mother is showing how to do the charity, how to do the well, how to become a happy person through other happiness.

Being a mother is understanding the difficulties and uncertainties of son all that the future, preparing for life can teach what the best way to follow.

Being a mother is rescuing the son who fells in the dark net of vice and dishonest and help them to re living in simple life who loves the beautiful.

Being a mother is dreaming to age surrounded by happy children and grandchildren to play.

Being a mother is experiencing a little of happiness that a sweet young feels when gave birth to a boy in a manger, in Bethlehem of Judea, two thousand years ago…

 Luiz Marini, May the 1st of 2009.

Translation to English by Daiane Halila Gomes on May the 2nd of 2009. 



"The social landscape of the Earth would immediatly transform itself to a better one if all of us could, when at the condition of incarnated spirits, treat each other, indoors, at least with the courtesy that we dismiss to our friends." (André Luiz)