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Compromising with God

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The compromising problem that the people must have with the role that’s assumed with their responsibilities it’s directly interlinked with their own self, in other words, with themselves; the spiritual ego that’s within them.

As the spirit that inhabits their body is their individual ego, that thinks with the brain, and, who knows, with the heart, who’s going to suffer the consequences of the acts they practiced in their life it’s only themselves.

The spirit, who owns and is responsible for the body, will understand that, when it misses the time lost with foolishnesses, that’s not the flesh that must be satisfied; it’s the spirit. I understand that all of us have inherent wishes related to the body, which must be satisfied when the possibilities come, and as well as it’s possible towards the laws and customs, and the wishes which come from the spirit must be satisfied focusing the laws of love that our Master Jesus taught us. I say this because the phrase “You shall love God above all created things with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself” inserts all the laws and prophets, as it’s said by Christ.

So, here comes the question: what is our compromise with God? In a 0-10 scale, where are we?
Are we in the 3, 2, or even 1? I see many people away from this scale, and they are also completely ignoring it. The only moment that they start any kind of job to start understanding the compromise with God is when the body’s motor starts to fail and the oil starts to burn. But, at this time it’s late to rectify the vehicle that God has lent to help in a mission, and then comes the cry, late as well.

If the spirit is compromised with the evil hordes, and therefore it’s sowing’s fruits will be the irresponsibility, the woe, the untruth, the wild ambition, the violence, the crime, and other bitter-flavored products, which will come with the harvest in the right time and which will be very painful.

The evil ones are satisfied with themselves and they only reach their goals due to the silence of nice people; they hide themselves, fearing the attack of the evils’ fearful tentacles.

But I think that who has Jesus as their Master mustn’t be static and paralyzed before the ignoble deeds done by the evil ones. They must face those who widely spread and sore illness in the world and make God’s will valorous, which is making this planet a regeneration place, where the men will live in peace and the objective of all hearts will be the fraternity.

And what about the retorting disobeyer that God calls every day to the spiritual work, who want nothing when the compromise is with the light?

Through the psychical sensibility (mediunity), the Spirituality invites all the time thousands of people to the work of good. And what do they do? They search for the Spiritual Center after passing through all kind of cure for their sickness.

When they can’t resolve their own problems, they search for a “last resort”, which is the Spiritual Center. They come up full of difficulties and ragged, because they mostly come up when their problem is within the non-worked psychical sensibility (mediunity). They are served and don’t understand that they must keep up the development of activities turned to the good, and then they go out of the center to search for the same situations which led them to the suffering.

I remember the excerpt of the Capernaum paralytic, who was downed to the center of the room in Peter’s house, where Jesus was serving, through the shed.

Jesus healed the man, who went away walking, jumping, happy because he was normal. After, in the sunset, near the beach, when Peter was together with Jesus, he noticed that the Master was crying.

Asking an explanation from the Christ, Then He answered to the Apostle that he was crying because he knew that Natanael Bem Elias, the paralytic healed in the afternoon, was in an inn of the city, between wine and atrocious friends, celebrating his return to the lecher life. This would bring back the problems which made him paralytic.

Jesus cured the man, to follow Him and become a living example of Christ’s work in the Earth.

Even today people are like that. God shows them the way and they always follow in the same vibration, with the same vibration state level, with the same problems, the same difficulties. They are only happy in the same world-hell that they debate. They find extreme difficulties when getting out of the hole in which they are. But, what can we do? Each one builds its own destiny and follows it.

I say to my friends that the compromising with God is something that’s above all over the things. The world that’s seen and lived when one is engaged in the holy hordes is very much different to the petty and darkness world of those who are away from God.

If we understand and live Jesus, we see wonders that happen in the Earth and in the spiritual world. We work, we help, we travel with our spiritual mentors and we sow the good and Jesus’ Gospel at all time. We accomplish our everyday life’s obligations with great pleasure because we know that we must be useful to the society and to ourselves, and we do that not for obligation, but for love, who is God.

Spending a part of our time in improving the conditions of the men and spirits who inhabit our planet is the different thing that we do.

My friends, I want you to try on experiencing the compromise of walking with Jesus and you will feel that the difficulties will be resolved easily, because if there are big problems, there’s a giant God to help us.

The opaque and nebulous world won’t make part of your life and, by the other side, your universe will be fulfilled with light and happiness.

Luiz Marini, on September of 23rd of 2008
Translation to English by Douglas Renosto Lins, on February of 11th of 2009



"All would live long, but none would be old." (Benjamin Franklin)