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Holy Land, Holy Indeed?

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Some days ago, a brother in faith from Cascavel asked me what country would I like to visit. I answered that I would like to visit the Holy Land.

“Holy Land?,” He asked. “What Holy Land? There’s only war and conflicts. They're currently in war once again. I see no Holy Land, for there was a plenty of confusion even before Jesus' arrival.

"But in fact, my brother might be right to assume that the Holy Land is not sacred at all. Maybe because I only hear them talking about conflicts ever since I can remember".

If we open some history books, we will find out that the troubles in these places are as old as history itself. And there’s no way to fix things in there, because each of the involved is plentiful sure that the land is rightfully theirs, while their enemies by the other side of the big wall being built by Israel should have no rights over this contested territory. It pretty much reminds of the shameful Berlin's Wall.

In a brief abstract of the occupation of that region, we could say that, in 5.000 years ago, some nomad groups inhabited the region of Mesopotamia. Around 1.000 years after, i.e. 4.000 years ago these same groups scuttled to the region in which is located Israel nowadays.

By the year 1.700 BC, Israel emigrated to Egypt, due to a vast hunger, when the leader was Joseph. Thus, the Egypt enslaved Israel as it was frightened by the ample and expansive Israeli growth. When they weren’t captive anymore, they became vagrant and wandered in the desert for 40 years.

Around 1.029 BC, the Israeli succeeded in a reconquest of a part of their lands, under the command of Saul.

In 1.000 BC, David conquered Jerusalem and expanded the territory. The peak was reached by Solomon between 992 BC and 938 BC. In 922 BC, the Kingdom was split in two halves, as being the northern Kingdom of Israel and the southern Kingdom of Judah. Following the split his patrilineal descendants ruled over Judah alone.

King Nebuchadnezzar The Second, the ruler of the gargantuan Babylon, destroyed the first temple and held the Israeli captive during his invasion of Jerusalem. The captivity lasted for 50 years.

The Israeli people came back to their lands as they were released.

A note for my friends: the sound “Va Pensiero”, from Verdi’s opera “Nabucco”, portrays the Israeli returning to their homeland. It’s a wonderful music sung by Zucchero, Pavarotti, Bocelli. The song conveys the endless and unique happiness of the end of the captivity and of the return to their home.

A part of the sound’s lyric:

“Fly, thought, on wings of gold,

Go settle upon the slopes and the hills

Where the sweet airs of our

Native soil smell soft and mild!

Greet the banks of the Jordan

And Zion’s toppled towers.

Oh, my country so lovely and lost!

Oh, memory so dear and despairing!”

Please try to hear this sound in order to understand what I’m trying to say. As the Israeli return, they start rebuilding Jerusalem and the first temple.

Then, Assyrian, Persian, Greek, Seleucid, conquered the territory.

By the year 70 AC, Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed by the general Tito. As told by the historians, nearly one million Israeli died in this rebellion.

In 135 AC, the second rebellion was started by the emperor Adrian, the Israeli were made slaves and were banned from their land until the 20th century.

Afterwards, the region was conquered by the Byzantine, the Muslim (in 638), the Crusaders, and again by the Byzantine empire for round 400 years, between 1517 and 1917.

After the end of the First World War, the Great Britain started administrating the region, committing itself in order to guide the Jew to a new home. After the Second World War, thousands of Zionists started living in the Palestine region.

On November 29th 1947, the political division of the Britain Palestine in two states was decided by the United Nations. Reviewing the Old Testament’s maps we can see that the Palestine state was formed in lands that Israel owned. The proof is that Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, and Jericho, (traditional cities quoted in the New Testament) nowadays are owned by the Palestine territory.

The nearby states began attacking and suffering subsequent defeats since Israel’s independence. With that, the Israeli state can attach lands that the Arabian owned. Nowadays, January 2009, Israel is invading the Gaza Strip, responding to Hamas’ attacks against the Israeli territory.

In order to shorten the speech I may say that, there are troubles in there (even between primitive tribes) since they started colonizing the region 5.000 years ago. It’s just a matter of reading the Old Testament to check out the wars and carnages that were in there in the old times. There flowed so many blood in those deserts that we could paint red the so-called Red Sea.

Emmanuel says, through the medium Chico Xavier’s blessed psychical sensibility in “A caminho da Luz”, that after the stampede of the spirits who couldn’t stay anymore in Capella, thousands of these sprits reincarnated in the planet Earth in different places to give a positive impulse in the man’s progress. So, the expatriated formed four great groups that were divided like that: the Arians in the Europe, the civilization in the Egypt, the people of Israel and the casts of India. That happened in nearly twelve thousand years ago.

Each one of these peoples remembered deeply in the soul their old home in an advanced planet, and their fall to the Earth, a planet of suffering. Moses wrote this fall in his books that are included in the Old Testament, in the figures of Adam and Eve, the temptation and the paradise’s loss. It’s easy to understand what the great Hebrew legislator wrote telling the history of his people, which was one of the banned from “heaven”.

If these peoples remembered the banning from heaven, they also knew that there was to be born a Messiah, and each one of them thought that it would happen in their territory. So, Israel’s prophets prophesized His advent and therefore the Master of the infinite is born in Bethlehem, Judea.

Nowadays we understand that Christ’s image isn’t belonging to a determined race. Being from God’s Kingdom, therefore He prevails over all peoples and spirits. By the way, the men still don’t understand that and keep their slaughtering wars. They don’t understand that His major commandment is "You shall love God above all created things with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself". How can the man love himself if the wishes to kill his neighbor?

Only time may heal this kind of thing, which is engraved deep within the spirit, through the pain and the need of evolution.

And what can you say to the ones who inhabit the region in the Mid-East that’s always in conflict? We believe that they’re the same spirits that are reincarnating in the same region since thousand of years ago, carrying inside themselves the same hate towards a common enemy. They kill and die as naturally as you eat an hamburger.

And they do these travels between the spiritual and material worlds so naturally that these spirits lost their consciousness about their current state, if they are dead or alive.

It is told in the spirituality that a great divine emissary came to the Earth, and when talking with the handlers of the planet, he heard that the main complaint about the planet being belated said that was because of wars and hatred. The emissary analyzed the men’s situation and then told the orb’s administrators: “let the men have their wars in peace” .

That means that, after many wars, they will have to know that this is an action that leads only backwards; and, with a little wisdom, they will sit together and talk to find the pacific solutions to their problems.

The problem of the wars in the Holy Land has complicated its destiny. Emmanuel says that the places where Jesus passed were green and exquisite. As the time passed and with the wars’ “help”, the landscapes were changing towards an arid scenario.

Jesus then intended to transfer the gospel’s tree to a new country, as there were so many problems caused by the man, a country that would be formed in the Southern Hemisphere, in the American continent, a country called Brazil. That’s exposed by Humberto de Campos in his extraordinary book “Brasil, Coração do Mundo, Pátria do Evangelho”, as well through Chico Xavier.

Certainly, nowadays, this is the country that mostly understands Jesus, and its where are implanted the biggest core of spiritual-Christian activities. The man from here understands easily that the humanity needs spiritualization and efforts himself to improve his skills. Obviously there are the rebels that make everything to misunderstand that. But, they also will have their time, their hour, and they will be called nominally in the book of life in order to account for their acts during their lives.

In the case of the Holy Lands, the places are still impregnated with Master Jesus’ sublime fluids and, neither the wars, nor the hatreds and rebellions could erase the signs of His passage on the Earth. The signs of the variance of the so-called holy places’ inhabitants will disappear before the signs of His passage.

Many mediums have the possibility of touching objects, visiting the places and to know who passed by there. How many have already seen the Lord’s presence in these Lands still loved by the same Jesus? (Psychometrics)

I think that the men will get tired of their wars, and they might end up living in peace; and the places over where Jesus walked will be green and wonderful as they were in His time. God can’t let these places to be still arid and sterile.

The men will improve themselves and the lands will be lush, abundant and warm again, reflecting the divine will in the places over where the Lord walked.

If God resolves to remove from the frontline the radicals that are infesting both sides of the conflict, certainly the others will feel powerless to hit the enemy.

Today Israel is a potency and it needs the Palestine’s work force to its factories, enterprises and joint ventures. When the conflicts start, the frontiers are closed and the Palestine can’t get to their jobs, as well as the factories don’t get their workers.

Things are very complicated to be resolved in a simple manner. Many years will be necessary to find some solutions for the impasse.

The humanity’s regeneration is one solution, where only good spirits will inhabit the Earth. Subsequently, the dialogue will reign over the arms.

It’s important to give a chance to the peace.

In order to temper the conflict nowadays, maybe it would be important the idea of each country find its identity and follow its way with its own legs.

Israel and Palestine must be auto-sufficient. Israel, for its own, it’s helped by its people, which is spread all over the world. It already has a good technology to overcome its problems; it has already dominated the desert, incremented the tourism, implanted industries, and has become independent.

The same goes to the Palestine, who needs to unite themselves for the peace, not war. They must grow up in economy, technology, tourism, education, and other areas to become independent as well. I know that’s not easy.

I only know that the investment in technology and human improvement is a better option than spending the same money in missiles and fusils.

Luiz Marini 12-01-09

Translation to English by Douglas R. Lins, 06-02-09



"Not even Jesus Christ, when he came to the Earth, proposed himself to solve someone's particular problem. He limited himself to teach us the path, which we need impart for ourselves." (Francisco Cândido Xavier)