Centro Espírita Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes

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Christmas Message

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God give us the permission and again we are in this prayer house to speak with you.

We can say, with the comming Christmas, the party that celebrate the Jesus’ birthday on Earth, who only the Loved Master can understand our hearts.

Just Jesus can understand the heart of these spirits who here come to talk to you and that thrill when observe a Christmas tree full of light and gifts.

If in the material sight these trees are bringing happiness in the comming Christmas, in our sight, the spiritual world, they are filling of colorful lights making a radiant rainbow to give thanks to Jesus, our Master.

Because in the spirituality we also learn how to reverence the Jesus’ Birthday as a striking act, the most sublime that occured on Earth.

We learn to see in Jesus the angelical being who came to this place to bring to men the eternal light that flows from God, through His amazing teaching.

But when we receive this torrent of light, this blessed water to bathe our spirits, we become deaf to His teaching and we prefer to follow our cravings.

We don’t learn to follow our Master, we learn to evade His words, to mock, because at the moment that we treat bad our fellows, we keep the egoism in our heart, we burden the hate in our mind, we are going against His evangel. So as a body’s free spirit we learn how to reverence the Christ, to reconize Him the higher between the biggest spirits to come to Earth.

Jesus is the light of the world!...

And His birthday occured in a place full of light, in a manger, in Belem was for us the biggest event in all the time, because from that moment born the tree that will protect forever the craving of all the spirits.

And Christ don’t forget us, because on Christmas He does that these decorated trees can be full of light to open the human hearts.

Because we see on Earth million of brothers that has a hard heart, hard to deal, and when the Christmas comes, the chains’ link that hold them become weak and they help the people.
They start treating better their fellows, becoming better. Unfortunately this happen for a short time and they don’t continue during the next year.

But we are spirits registered in the learning school and if we are on Earth to fight, to learn, to develop, we also have the opportunity to grow with Jesus.
We will have to calm down our heart through these Christmas’ nights and from the prayers that get out from our hearts and that arrives to God.

Because we learn how to love Christmas since young. If only was to receive a simple gift from our parents.

However the biggest gift that Jesus gave us was the leraning of His love evangel.
His light create inside our chest a so great symbiosis with God, what makes our heart be open, it becomes translucent and fills of love for our fellows.

In the day that Earth become in a regeneration planet, we have, if here we are, to join under this perfect tree our heart, and so, humbly, thanks Jesus, doing good things to our brothers, disseminating His evangel through the world.

So the men will be happy, will lead inside youselves all the happiness in the world because on Earth there won’t be more pain and suffer, and there will be mutual help between the spirits because they will follow the biggest Christ’s commandment, “Love your God over all the things and your brother as yourself.”

May Jesus bless us and give us a Christmas full of light and love.

Maria Daminelli Marini.

This message was received through the medium Luiz Marini, at night in December 10th, 2008, in a public meeting, in the Centro Espírita Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes in Pato Branco ¬¬– PR – Brazil.



"There is a great man who makes every man feel small. But the real great man is the man who makes every man feel great." (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)