Centro Espírita Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes

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Brothers in Christ,

The divine light enters our inner, like a rainbow of shining force, attracting each brother’s heart’s qualities.

We are responsible for the recharge of energies in this powerhouse called love.

Even when a few things are done by us, we will always be useful before the life and we feel like being the Lord’s workers.

Friends! Keep in mind the fact that, the field of grain plants needs a work-force specialized in healing diseases, propping up a dysfunctional person, enlighten the ones shadowed by the darkness, relieving the forlorn and the helpless, hugging the ones who are crying, hearing the laments and blessing those who feel the pain.

May we be like the Christ, workers in the grapevine of the Celestial Father, the Holy Winemaker.

Much peace to all of you!

Bezerra de Menezes/Luiz Marini 07-05-05

Translation to English by Douglas Renosto Lins



"Dedicate one of the seven nights of the week to the Evangelic Cult at home, for Jesus be able to rest in your house." (Joana de Angelis)