Centro Espírita Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes

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Father is just a name that makes up one of the partners in determining the combination of a new life?

Does the father's title has greater meaning?

Being a parent is much more than just give a title to someone who lives as co-author of the most extraordinary phenomenon of life: the miracle of creating a new body to house someone who comes into the world to give life to life.

Being a parent is dreaming of the child cradling in his arms on cold nights, warm fire in the fireplace or blanket of warmth.

It is living the joy of being and living next to the shoot that cometh into the world to fulfill the mission and become a just society.

Being a parent is to guide the child to walk the straight path of goodness, brotherhood, equality and justice to be someone who sow happiness where to walk.

The father is a pillar of the house. It's who shares with his wife the responsibility for maintaining the home and family above all else.

Keeping the family together is burden that can not fail to satisfy at all times.

Family linked to the order, to citizenship, to uplift, to civility, there are the great men who transform the world, presenting enrichment projects of life, which set new directions to society, that nurse with justice and wisdom the democratic life of people.

Being a parent is to assume the condition of one who sows life in the family for her arise the fruits to be developed to satisfy the hunger of nations.

Luiz Marini 15/08/04


Translation by Luana Sachet



"All would live long, but none would be old." (Benjamin Franklin)