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Child soldiers

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The Earth goes through a big transformation, with immense problems, and need to change the people who are the focus of difficulties.

Turn people mean change structures and consequently converting million, which are still in ignorance, imbued beings in the sense of vertical integration of spiritual evolution.

This time the planet passes is difficult and is directly connected with the difficulties inferior print in people. These inferior beings are the disembodied spirits and embodied not wish that humanity progresses and release of the clutches of evil.

One thing leads to another and we understand that the Earth is still a planet Evidence of Atonement and why its population is delayed and, on the other hand, its population is lower level for being a backward planet. Exceptions exist and are the hope we have in improving our conditions.

The ongoing modification process of this planet to be the site of regeneration, where the spirits can incarnate to fulfill spiritual development mission and not to rescue the past debts.

This widespread boiling see that thousands still seek only their survival passing over others, using people, who are unnoticed in the world to improve their conditions and not just enjoy blessings.

According to the Nobel Peace Prize 2014, the activist Kailash Satyarthi, a symbol of the fight against child exploitation, about 500,000 child soldiers are in operation around the world. Many armed groups are calling on children from their regions to join their ranks and many other children are kidnapped, taken prisoner of rival groups and forced to carry weapons.

They are forced to fight, kill and die, without having any possibility of choice. If a five year old can not kill an opponent of a militia in Iraq, is buried alive.

The overall funding for education dropped significantly worldwide in the last four years. Efficient education means a greater chance of victory against the onslaughts of crime in grooming these children.

Satyarthi said that currently 58 million children worldwide do not attend school. In the absence of quality education, eradication of child labor, slavery, grooming by militias arise and are closely linked.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) shows that 168 million children perform child labor. Of these, 150 million children aged between 5 and 14 years and another 5 million are kept as slaves.

What to do to improve this situation? Evolution is slow and difficult for all countries in the world have access to high technology and advanced education, passes through arrangements between the multiple social and spiritual differences of people who are still struggling to get out of barbarism.

The road is long, but the constant march will cause everyone has access to inexhaustible sources of wisdom that promote social order and the extinction of the differences between people.

The gradual extinction of wars and conflicts of all sorts, the reincarnation of spirits bafejados by the divine light, the replacement of malevolent leaders, education, learning the right, among other tools used by the Divine Goodness, will make this pass planet the necessary changes and achieve the status of regeneration.

Fight for good and for spreading the word of Jesus in the world is the work of all those who understand that the earth is the abode of the good, for He said in that "The meek shall inherit the earth."


Luiz Marini – 12-06-2015


Translation by Luana Sachet



“I count him braver who conquers his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is the victory over self.” (Aristóteles)