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Jesus asked his disciples: 

- "Who is my mother and who are my brothers?"

The question of Jesus runs deep within us today because the reincarnations, all of us have had many mothers, many fathers, many brothers, many relatives, who are confused by the maelstrom time and the dynamics of life.

Yesterday's mother can be our sister in this incarnation. So Jesus asked his disciples who were His mother and His brothers.

Affinities approach and put us in similar places, as the spiritual if we have affinities lead us to walk with the same spirits in the same road for long centuries.

We are spirits in search of redemption and spiritual growth to reach a relative perfection and the journey takes us to walk alongside those who wish us well.

Mothers are enlightened beings that brighten our road. We are spirits in search of light and God allows us to have the mother for a certain period of life, so that we can follow the march of the righteous and grow in spirit.

Blessed are those who may have a mother. Blessed is the mother who honor that name, it's real mother, to teach, help, protect, educate, show the path of righteousness, based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Bendigo these wonderful mothers who teach their children to follow the path of charity, justice, brotherhood and goodness. They are worth mom calls.

We all had different mothers, the plurality of incarnations and they are confused in our thinking, in our hearts. The multitude of incarnations expand our relationships with spirits far more than we can imagine.

Many of them were our mothers in previous lives and now are our sisters. Many returned with us in multiple incarnations in the figure of our mother.

This feeling of love that unites mothers and children is embedded in the hearts of beings who end up repeating the experience occurred in previous lives.

We who are in the spirit world, working with many mothers like her grandmother Maria, Maria Rosa, Lady Mary, we found that mothers are beings that get us into their fold, comfort us, enlighten and help us in our difficulties. They are beings who love us unconditionally so that we can enjoy his love at any time.

We have the divine mercy of having the Blessed Mother, the mother of all mothers, to protect us at all times. It soothes our hearts and guide us at all times.

The mother is the being who protects and helps without thought of receiving anything in return.

- "Who is my mother, who are my brothers?"

Jesus' question still runs deep in our hearts, for all those who follow His teaching are our mother and our brothers.

Luisinho/Luiz Marini 05/06/2015

Translation by Luana Sachet



"Dedicate one of the seven nights of the week to the Evangelic Cult at home, for Jesus be able to rest in your house." (Joana de Angelis)