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While baby Jesus slept

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               The birth of Jesus on Earth, two thousand years ago, represented the coming of the major spirit that is known in our galaxy. He is the spiritual’s governor of all this multiplicity of suns, planets and satellites and received the task of God to bring to the humanity the principal laws that governing the universe.

               Let’s remember some of his teaching: “to love god above all things and our neighbor as you”; “to do to the neighbor what you want to yourself”; “In the house of my Father there are many homes”; “I am the path, the truth and the life”; “no one comes to the father without going through me”; “no one will see the kingdom of god if do not rebirth”; “follow me and I will make fishers of men”; “Father forgive them, they do not know what they do”; “come to me everyone that is tired and overloaded and I will relief them”; “let the children come to me and do not forbid them because of them is the kingdom of heaven”; “give for free what you receive for free”…

               If we were to enumerate the teachings that Jesus left to us, we had to write many books, remembering what John the Evangelist wrote in the end of his gospel which were recounted all the things that Jesus did, even the whole world could not contain the books about him.

               The Christmas, date when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, in Bethlehem, have a special meaning to us. It represents the moment of peace and calm in a cave on the outskirts of Bethlehem.

               The calm night, studded of stars, packed to the sound of flutes of pastors and illuminated by the shooting star that showed the path to the Three Kings, it had air of bucolic and undying peace.

               The day of his birth represented the calm of some weeks, the rest of the Lord of the spirits and worlds, while outside roared the storm represented by the most sordid human desires.

               While Jesus slept in the simple manger, Herod sent thousands of cronies to look for Jesus and kill him.

               While Marie nursed her child of love, Rome extended its tentacles on the people dominated that represented most part of the known world.

               While the Three Kings revered the Lord of the worlds, the men of king planned a way to kill the expected Messiah.

               While Jose stroked his beloved son, the injustices and crimes of all kind continued to rage by the world reaching the poor and underprivileged.

               While the pastors sang, in the sound of theirs flutes, Jerusalem overflowed with inequities in the acts of the most part of its habitants.

               While Mary of Nazareth cradled her son in her arms, thousand of mothers lost their sons in stupid and cruel wars.

               While Jesus receives the care of his visitors, his cousin John the Baptist, the one that will be his precursor, with six month of age, slept on the side of his mother Isabel.

               While the stars shine the cave of Bethlehem, in Cafarnaum Simon Peter, in full adolescence, slept in the house of his parents.

               While Jesus raised his little arms on the glory of universal life, spirits of Lord were preparing the reincarnation of disciples in Carfanaum and surroundings.

               Today, while we are celebrating the Christmas, we see that the world continues like the planet of proofs and expiations, because the wars continues decimating thousands of lives, the drugs continues mowing the hope of thousands of promising young people, the cartels dominating the economy, the strong crushing the weak, the bad people choking the good people, the terrorists destroying the innocents, the offenders ignoring the laws, the corrupts politicians, servants and politicians subtracting the nations, the evil raising the voice doing silence the good one.

               The same landscape of the bucolic Bethlehem fills our soul showing that Jesus is the lord of the worlds and carries in himself the truth when he say: “the meek will inherit the Earth”.

               The bad men and bad spirits will be banished of our planet, because only in this way our orb will be of “Regeneration”.

               After this time, for sure, the Christmas will represent the birth of Jesus and, while baby Jesus is sleeping in the arms of Mary of Nazareth, the rest of world will breath and living the peace in its fullness.


Luiz Marini/Bezerra de Menezes. 09-01-12


Translated to English by Denielly Arruda Rodighiero



"There is a great man who makes every man feel small. But the real great man is the man who makes every man feel great." (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)